Friday, June 26, 2009

Remember Him This Way

What a sorry tale it ended up being; what a talented young man he was.


  1. i coould've had my picture taken with the jacksons when they played in preston. got invited to the dressing room and everything but we were trying desperately hard to be cool and above that sort of thing so waited outside while my dad did his photraphing.

    and damn butthis is a bit of magic ain't it

  2. Magic. That's a picture and a half that never was, eh? x

  3. The way he runs up the scales at the tail end of I Want You Back - still gives me goosepimp's

    Have you heard The Jacksons cover of Doctor My Eyes..or Shirley Scott's cover of I Want You Back (curious amount of key changes though)

  4. Also remember mid to late 70s Jacksons and Off The Wall era Michael.

    The last concert I went to was the Bad tour at the old Wembley stadium.

  5. Hey Davy, on a totally unrelated note, what's the title/author of that Brian Eno book you were reading? I want to pick up a copy.

    P.S. One of my fave Michael moments is the way he sings the chorus differently the second time on I Want You Back.

  6. Emmett, it's this one. I really enjoyed it.

  7. have always been in 2 minds about Jackson. Always thought that he was a bit of a joke but also had some sympathy about the way he was portrayed in the press.

    But the Jackson 5 did produce some classics.

    Anyway, it's gin time.

  8. Beautifully put, Dave. As ever.



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