Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Massive Attack

It starts with New Agey keyboards before the drum solo with the bubbly synth beneath bursts and then, three minutes in, that 'Safe From Harm' bassline breaks.

Is it jazz? Is it rock? Is it.....prog????

It's 'kin massive, is what it is, maaaan.

Billy Cobham - 'Stratus' (1973)


  1. Great track (although it sounds like I imagine seasickness would sound expressed through music) I've got it on several comps, but for some reason it took me an age to realise the MA connection

  2. cor what a beast to come home to.
    hold on though - i'd never thought of the prog bit before but now it'll be the first thing i think of. i'll never be able to play this again.

  3. Guffaw! Just stay focused on the funky bass and you'll be fine doll x

    PS: Never been seasick meself PM - always stay up top in a storm.


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