Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Right Stuff

It's the summer of Space, in case you hadn't noticed.

I watched The Right Stuff last night. Don't test me on the names. Sam Shepard plays Chuck Yeager but Alan Shepard was the first American in space; he is played by Scott Glenn, but John Glenn is played by Ed Harris and Scott Carpenter by Charles Frank; Scott Paulin plays Deke Slayton and Scott Wilson plays Scott Crossfield. I think.

The rockets were mostly designed by Nazis.

No wonder I'd finished that bottle of wine before I'd finished the film.

Anyway. Chuck Yeager, whaddaguy: flew faster than the speed of sound with two cracked ribs because he fell off a horse the day before.

Unsurprising that generation's kids all fetched up with flowers in their hair; their Dads sure had the whole macho thing nailed.

Brian Eno - 'Here Come The Warm Jets' (1973)

Bryan Ferry - 'The Right Stuff' (1987)


  1. What a pair of smashers - love the fade in drums on the Eno tune, and doesn't Johnny Marr guest on the Ferry track.

    A mate of mine saw an Astronaut film/docu recently (can't remember the name) but had similar tales of outstanding manliness told about Neil Armstrong

  2. Outstanding manliness, that's the baby!

    Ferry song co-written by JM, no less.

    I hesitated before putting up 'Warm Jets' because I have been blethering on about BE a fair bit lately, but it's such a corker I couldn't resist in the end.

  3. If you get Phil Manzenera's Impossible Guitars, he's filled the gaps between the tracks with studio banter from early Roxy and Eno sessions, you could hear them clearly on the vinyl version..

    The entire Warm Jets albums a cracker, but have you got '801 live' for the funkiest version of Baby's On Fire

    Or Ayers, Cale, Nico and Eno live July 74 album (nicknamed ACNE) worth grabbing for the fabulous Kevin Ayers set..

    Oh and check out the Dali's Car semi-official booty of his BBC sessions - brill

  4. Still....Chuck Yeager eh? Whaddaguy.

  5. Love the Right Stuff. Always thought that Sam Shepherd was as cool as fuck and lives with Jessica Lange, lucky man

    Have you read the book? Possibly the best thing Wolfe has ever written.

  6. all done in a TV studio if you ask me.....

  7. Ahem.

    I haven't read the book Drew, no: I've read some of his journalism, and Bonfire Of The Vanities.

    It'll join the List then (Great Books I Haven't Read But Must)...

  8. PS: Who will win the battle of the Bri(y)ans? It's an early download lead for Ferry, but there's still everything to play for.

  9. we're going to see buzz aldrin at the rfh! in a week or so! if you want space madness our pad is full of it


  10. I remember! Buzz Lightyear!! The MAN!!!

  11. Meant to remind you pop-pickers that the Bryan Ferry song is basically the instrumental 'Money Changes Everything' (b-side to 'Bigmouth Strikes Again') with some words added.

  12. A MONTH LATER....

    Eno edged it by 3 downloads in the end; Ferry says he's still not bitter and would love to work with him again x


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