Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Morning, Coming Down

It hasn't exactly been a post frenzy here this week, has it? It's not that I've been busy either - in fact, I have been rather idle. Which means I get morose. And drink too much wine.

I admit I might also have been distracted by my new toy; there's something quite liberating about 1) being able to write anything at all and 2) having to be brief. It would be nice if some more of you set up in there too, but I do understand if you think it's a bit pointless or, as Drew memorably opined, 'for luvvies and the young'.

There's been a lot of music still, of course (playing Sinatra's masterful 'For Only The Lonely' on vinyl last night, e.g.) - and the best new thing I've heard all week will be along later for the Friday night post, if Mondo doesn't get there first.

Meanwhile, I must steel myself; it is our smallest girly's 9th birthday today and she's going to be bringing six of her friends back for tea after school.

Laters x


  1. if there's anything sure to beat the living daylights of morose and idle I'd guess it'd be 9 year olds and birthdays.

    I hope you survive dearie. duck feeding always does it for me


  2. I've got today and next Friday off, and have guests a'posting (It's Miss Ally next week).. Semi-tempted with Twitting but whenever I've peeped, looks like a lot of random barking..

    'Six friends for tea' *shudders* I'd be reaching for the electronic childminders (X Box. Sky)

  3. A Miss Ally guest slot eh? Who'd have thought.

    Oh yes, Twitter is most certainly 'a lot of random barking' - but then again, isn't much of life? Well, speaking personally anyhow.

    We don't have Sky or X boxes or Wiis, but I think they're going to watch Monster House....

  4. My missus is a fan of the old twit. But it's like eno taking the blogs and doing an ambient on them. Only not as good as that sounds.

    In fact I'm tempted to blog in that fashion. My enforced lay-off due to computer and fileshare problems has kind of broken the flow. Ambient blogging..hmmm...

  5. I'm feeling a bit idle myself, but as a friend of mine said over drinks one night "it's your blog, you don't HAVE to write anything if you don't feel like it"

    But you like to keep things ticking over don't you?

  6. 'Teenage Kicks' Steve made me join Twitter but I haven't quite grasped the point yet.

    Re: Kids parties. Boys are easier. Just take them and a group of friends to a dark room and let them shoot each other with laser guns and eat junk food afterwards. (costs a small fortune unfortunately).

  7. There's always "Slow Blogging"

  8. Not blogging is kind of like staying at home while everyone you know is at the pub.

  9. Very good.

    Girl's parties - disco, big picture backed onto card to colour in, make hats / fairies /cuddly toys.

  10. The eldest daughter's picture quiz went down well; unfortunately they are now asking for Miley Cyrus on Spotify.

  11. Not my daughters, I hasten to add: they have of course had a superior pop education.

  12. By a strange twist of fate, I am feeding on a duck tonight.

    Shredded (not me, the duck) with plum sauce and a bottle of wagga wagga no 12. Speaking of Idle (Eric) it's a wine for 'lying down and avoiding'.

    The reason I don't blog? Lazy fucker with no aptitude for computering!

    Pin the tail on the donkey is always a classic - in a repressed Victorian parlour game way. And no cake til sandwiches are finished.

  13. You should have seen the reaction I got when I whipped out the taramasalata.

  14. I signed up for Twitter a while back but just felt a bit bewildered and lost and gave it up as a bad idea. Actually Sean LOck did some great stuff on this very subject on tonight's 8 out of 10 Cats. (He's not a fan.)

    Hah. I've done two posts all year on our blog. Now that's idle!

  15. Yes thank you Freddy. They were very well behaved. Although I did hear rather more Miley and "Taylor Swift" than I believe is wise for my advancing years. I am indeed fortunate in having daughters who prefer The Shangri-las.

  16. As I've told you on my blog, you have raised those girls with excellent taste.


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