Friday, February 26, 2010

This One Goes Out To The One I Love, etc

It is Mrs H's birthday today.

We have been to the Van Gogh exhibition, which is blow-your-socks-off brilliant ( go, go, go! if you can - the web booking is closed but we only queued for about 45 minutes on the day), had a nice lunch in our little local place by the river watching seagulls ride the wind and cormorants dive, and are now waiting until a semi-decent time to open the champers/gin.

And it's Friday too! Oh lawdy.

This is one of her favourite things, and I bet it's one of yours x

Blondie - 'Union City Blue' (1979)


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs H.

    Glad somebody has had a good day, I'm stuck at Aldergrove, flight not leaving until 9 pm, should have been 17:45. Feckin' Sleazyjet, still better than the alternative, Fly Maybe.

    Unoin City Blue, my all time favourite Blondie song, just scrolling to it just now.

  2. Aaaarghhh, sorry you're stuck dear boy. Can you squeeze in another gin, or are you driving at the other end?

  3. Unlucky Drew. Lucky Davy.
    (You bastard you're gonna tell me she's 60 or summat now).

    Bah. Age. It's rubbish.

  4. Happy Birthday Mrs H. Glad you both had a fab day. Mrs M and I went to the supermarket and had a coffee before she went to work. Doesn't compare with Van Gogh but it's the most child free time we've had for ages.

  5. Driving at the other end.

    Just seen a guy in a suit with a right 80's Bonzo mullet. That cheered me up for about a minute.

    I fear that a rant will be the order of the day tomorrow.

    DVD - still no red Guinness

  6. Heck sorry, wrong end of the stick. I thought you meant it was Debbie Harry's birthday today. D'oh!

    Mrs H, forgive me. I bet you look like Debbie did in 1980.

    Red Guinness, Drew - perhaps it was all a dream.

    Sorry again.

  7. We wondered what you were on about Dickie. Mrs H, she Brunettie.

    Debbie Harry is 65 (in July).

    Word verif = 'movenon' - aye, aren't we all...

  8. PS: Michael - Mrs H and I were only saying today that her birthday lunch (= traditional) is the only time we are ever together without Les Girls. That's OK though, the girls are a larf.

  9. Happy birthday to the Mrs! Anytime after 5pm is getting too late to open the champers isn't it!?!?!

  10. Is a rule we try to live by Simon. Although we'd had some wine with lunch and had to let that settle first. Obviously.

  11. Happy Birthday, Mrs. H!

    Stellar taste in tunes too...

  12. Happy Birthday Mrs H.

    The bottle of red is empty. Now where's that bottle of port? I'll raise a glass to the computer screen. (Mrs Darce has retired early tonight, so it's just me and the blogosphere).

  13. Happens to me a lot. 'Oh my God, it's full of stars' etc.

  14. Belated Happy Birthday to Mrs H we were at The Roundhouse seeing Air last night. And a Biba do on Wednesday - glam, camp and cabaret. Perfect.

    Blondie are one of Mrs M's faves also.

  15. Thanks for posting this track as it was the first single that I ever bought and is still my favourite Blondie song. Always enjoy your blog. Thanks again.

  16. Thank you Scott for popping in, and kind words. That's a good first single to have bought; I think mine was 'Two Little Boys' by Rolf Harris.

    Biba and Air? - sheesh but the Mondos are courant. Are you 'taking' Wallpaper* magazine an all? x

  17. sounds like a fine fine day dearie - and happy belateds to mrs h.

  18. congrats all round splendid way to spend a day. Happy birthday.
    as to blondie it's the opening isn't it like all great pop it's just sounds exciting and the videos great as well and then there's Ms Harry herself... nurse the screens


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