Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sound Is Deep

I know. I never* post on a Saturday, but that new Ant & Dec programme's right royally getting on my nerves and this has been patiently waiting to be put before you for a few days now, bless it.

My first favourite Cure song, in what is perhaps its definitive version.

Still devilishly difficult to find.

And thirty years old.

The Cure - 'A Forest' (Peel session) (1980)



  1. I still listen to "Seventeen Seconds" a lot but I normally have to skip this song - I overdid it in the eighties. It's quite upsetting when you see Robert Smith on the telly these days - all a bit Miss Havisham.

  2. During the TV Burp commercial break I heard the words Ant & Dec and game show and was filled with dread. Fortunately no-one wanted to watch it.

    I loved the single version of this back in the old days. Not a great song in the traditional sense but a great groove.

  3. I remember this session the night it was broadcast. I was a big fan of Three Imaginary Boys and Jumping Someone Else's Train so was expecting more spiky, angular pop but got all this gray and drizzly stuff instead. I bought the A Forest 12" but got off The Cure bus pretty soon after that stop.

  4. Gray (grey) and drizzly nails it for me. I wouldn't say I was a regular traveller on The Cure bus myself, but I did hop on now and then.

  5. Splendidly grim, my boy. Bob had clearly been listening to some Joy Division.

    Sun's out now so can we expect a frolic into springtime?

  6. Ooh, I forgot - Robert Smith introduced me to my wife!

  7. A different Robert Smith obviously but true nevertheless.

  8. i'm all for more fat old gents going for the smith look. in fact the more i think about it the more for it i am. there's a brilliant chap lives round the corner still rocking a classic spinal tapesque rock look at quite an age and he's brilliant. go on. you know you want to.

  9. OK. I'll ask Mrs H for a lend of her lippie and give it a go.

  10. By the way Michael, I especially liked the comic pause between your comments. Timing. First rule of - comedy.

    You frolic all you like CF, it's still a bit parky out there for me.

  11. Just for you lovely people (sshhh!) the whole of this Peel session is here.

    Track listing -

    A Forest
    17 Seconds
    Play For Today

    Broadcast 10th March 1980.


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