Friday, February 12, 2010

Yeah Baby

Last year they brought us the instant classic fine-cut of new soul loveliness that was 'Cold Game' and now they are back with a record I think I like even more.

You'll be picking it up on 7" vinyl I'm sure, so I'll keep this link live 'for a limited period only', oh yes.

There's an LP coming soon.

Sweet as.

Myron And E with The Soul Investigators - 'It's A Shame' (2009)


  1. I shall listen to that later. That's a nice little pressie for the weekend!

  2. Let me know what you think Smoni.

  3. This dropped through my door on Monday on lovely black, center less 7". It is rather fucking splendid as indeed is the Tanqueray 10 which I picked up for 35 quid for 2 litres courtesy of duty free.

    Prost, as my cultural stereotype smashing, extremely funny German counterparts were want to say last evening.

  4. Ooh! I'm rushing out to but that LP!

    How fabulous is that?!


  5. Never heard of them but I like this.

  6. Welcome home Drew, and well done on furthering the cause of international, etc. Also on the Tanqueray.

    Freddy/Mick - they've really got it working, haven't they?

  7. oooh that is a treat and me with a tenners Xmas cash left too. do them soul investigaters pop up on someone elses record too? I'm sure I've seen the name somewhere.
    there's still something about all this modernity that frightens me though

  8. Hey, that's good stuff! Thanks for the heads up.

  9. Yes Miss Ally, there is more of their modernity on this, for which 'heads up' as Ms D. would say, I owes Mondo.

    Word verif - 'shopre' - well, it is Sat'dy.


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