Friday, February 19, 2010

Yeah Baby

Our occasional series of extended disco classics builds into a magnificent library your whole family will enjoy.

This week when you love someone it's natural not demanding.

Ain't that the truth.

Shalamar - 'A Night To Remember' (1982)


  1. I'm trying to dig out my first ever 12" single for my Feb 79 calendar post..

    It's 12 inches and pink any ideas..(oh behave yourselves)

  2. Not for me this one Mr H.

    Half an hour til gin time and I've got a pass tonight, woo hoo as a a britpopper is likely to say.

  3. Yay Adam, sorry Drew - have another spin of Eddie to compensate. And hurry up Mond old fruit, it's already Feb 19th.

  4. there was a time when i thought this was the music of the enemy. jeez i was dumb.

    word doohickey - nopint

    i'll have a bourbon and soda then - the drinkers highball.

  5. when you love someone it's natural not demanding

    depends on the position surely...


  6. Filth and dirt, dirt and filth. I'm a married man you know.

  7. I know, I know. I've been trying to find that pesky pink 12" (Edwin Starr ~ Contact)

  8. Shalamar have always been a favourite of mine. "There It Is" maybe my no1 of theirs. This is good too.

    "when you love someone it's natural not demanding" - there are some great lyrics buried in the disco tunes. Sometimes you just have to divorce them from the music and write them down to realise it.

    And the less said about Simon's smuttiness the better!

  9. I love this song - and Shalamar. Who could forget Jeffrey Daniel dancing to this on TOTP. I've got There It Is on 12-inch - must post it one day.

  10. I once danced on the same dancefloor as Jeffrey Daniel (Camden Palace since you're asking). And if you're into innuendo-laden Shalamar classics, check out "In the Socket"

  11. Ooh! You tart!

    Darce, I'm with you on 'There It Is' - but sadly I only have it 'unextended' (7"). You shoosh Mondo.

    Mick, that's such a superb clip and one that, frankly, should have gone with the post. I am a bad blogger.

  12. Er, slightly embarrassing. I've just remebered in my drunken stupor it's 'Make That Move' I have on 12-inch, not 'There It Is'. (hic)

  13. 'Take That To The Bank' is the real classic Shalamar 12" - don't think it's the slightest bit smutty though.

  14. Yes, I really like that one too - but again, only have it unextended.


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