Monday, June 21, 2010

Karma (coma)

Connections, connections, connections and....more connections.

I only went out to pay a cheque in at the bank but something made me drop into the strange-scrappy charity shop by the station and what, what should I find there but that dark masterpiece Maxinquaye - on vinyl, 'near-mint', a quid. I see it's going on the internets for £20. I'm feeling lucky, punk.

Thought my run of Massive Attack-linked things had ended with Wally Badarou, but Lady Serena Dibity had other plans.

Tricky - 'Overcome' (1995)


  1. They also had the first Charlatans LP, Blue Aeroplanes, a load of James 12inchers and some Galliano. A 90s man had clearly donated his entire collection, bless 'im.

  2. Very silly man, as we've discussed before, he is likely to regret it and during those long dark nights he will feel empty inside.

    Still, good for you Mr H, this time you had a quid on you, you are learning.

    I'm still going to send you one of our paper ones at some point, for emergencies like. You have the right to feel disgruntled and get indignant when some shop keeper who knows no better refuses to accept it. This happens to me often down south especially with Luton Airport taxi drivers, although it's Scottish twenty's they don't like.

    Not too keen on Galliano, even Weatherall couldn't do much with them.

  3. Yes, I just got the Tricky.

  4. I love that album; it still sounds amazing.

    I also quite liked Galliano, they were great live, although the venue absolutely reeked of spliff.

  5. That was the dance most people were doing...nodding...

    And ole Merton Mick was playing keys for them around then...

  6. Hello, a Monday post! Is this the album with Goldfrapp on?

    Reminds of this tune - Waldeck Defenceless, usually dug out for summer listening. Although the versh I've got is a different mix from the vid and runs to 4:28. It's not the Thievery Corporation remix either.

  7. It was a Monday post (I once did those you know) and it is the one with Goldfrapp on ('Pumpkin').

    Reckon this is the vid Mond meant to link to. Moody.

  8. Oi, I loved Galliano. Well, the singles anyway, 'Prince of Peace' and 'Jus' Reach' were top class.


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