Saturday, June 26, 2010

Subterranean By Design

You'll give me a hundred reasons why I shouldn't like this Joni Mitchell lyric-referencing Spandau Ballet-sampling soft pop hip-hop thing, but I have to tell you - I do.

Especially when the sun's shining, baby.

P.M Dawn - 'Set Adrift On Memory Bliss' (1991)


  1. Why shouldn't you like it, it's brilliant!

  2. I wish I was set adrift on a great big spliff at the moment

  3. drew. what have I told you. It'll bring on that wheezy chest of yours, and you're a martyr to that phlem.

    Lovely song by the way. And yer man on the left in the pic looks as though he's admiring his pregnancy. No PMS for PMDawn

  4. I love this song. There are a lot of references here, it would be interesting to count how many. Aside from the obvious riffing on Joni's "Boho Dance" and the Spandau Ballet's "True" sample, I hear the following: Wham (Careless Whisper), Pointer Sisters (Neutron Dance), Chaka Khan (I Feel For You). There are probably a lot more...

  5. I'll swap you that for this - something I've been meaning to blog for yonks

  6. That's very Zero 7, very 'chilled beats by the pool' Mond.

    30C here again today and the P.M Dawn still seeming just right.

  7. Brings back memories, MrH. I always liked it too, although you couldn't really say that out loud back in the day.

    We're also bracing ourselves for a hot one today.

  8. I never knew that! This was always one of my 'clear the tour bus' numbers but surprised it's one of yours too.



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