Friday, June 04, 2010

Yeah Baby Serendipity

Working up to a Friday post as the sun beat down outside I ripped Stevie's 'Rocket Love' from Hotter Than July (and it is, baby) and thought to myself, out of nowhere - 'mellow, mellow right on!'

What a lucky (excuse the pun) break! As I bet Massive Attack agree.

For this it most certainly must be.

And it wouldn't surprise me if our occasional series of extended slow-jam classics builds into a stunning collection your whole family will enjoy.

Lowrell - 'Mellow Mellow Right On' (extended version) (1979)


  1. Damnit but you're right. It's a shame to waste the Stevie. Grab it here while stocks last.

  2. i'm digging it Mr H.

    Have a good weekend.

    Gin Time, me thinks.

  3. The corner shop's just started selling Red Stripe. It's been slipping down well with the sunshine and reggae this week.

    Chin chin dear boy.

  4. Red Stripe is wonderful stuff butit gives me a terrible hangover. Take care Davy.

    I'm going to walk out to the Loch met de familie for a bite to each and a couple of pints of Guinness, It's a sair fecht!

  5. Now, I've got this one. Perfect for the day.

    Need to oil the gears now though. Just about to set off on our annual pedal up the cycle path to the Bitton Beer Festival - straight line there, wobble back at about 10. Good weather for it too.

  6. Lochs! Cycle paths! I fear I may already have had a rosado too many, however...

  7. A fine way to start the weekend, my boy! Vodka tonic coming right up with a curry to follow.


  8. Meanwhile, and I know this is the sort of exciting news I should reserve for my own blog, Mrs Mick won a pair of limited ecition Babycham glasses this week.


    The kids drink their Pepsi Max from them (shaken, not stirred).

  9. That's limited edition Babycham glasses by the way.

  10. Smooth. I do hope you will cue up the Demis before you use them.

  11. I will now!

    You've reminded me I've got another great Demis song downloaded from Art Decade three years ago.

  12. Do you know the name of the pilot on the plane when Demis was hijacked in the 70s? Without googling.

  13. John Testrake.

    There was a guy/friend who used to drink in the pub where I worked. He told me that piece of info about 20 years ago, out of the blue one night after hours. We were arguing about the merits of not in my view of the Eagles and for some reason got onto Demis (some of those after hours sessions were mental) and he asked me if I knew who the pilot was which of course I didn't.

    A would always have been my phone a friend if I had been on millionaire but they would have had to have phoned every pub in Lanark to find him.

    Alas, he died a few years ago, well before his time. "Malkeyed by the bevvy" as a gp I knew so tactfully put it.

  14. Bless. May he in rest in peace.

  15. Word verification is 'rumbl', I've just found a can of Red Stripe in the back of the fridge that I think came with us when we moved last summer, and that tune is excellent.



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