Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Yeah Baby Tuesday

This week I'm off with the girlies for half term - which means not having to get up too early, which means not having to go to bed too early, which means staying up late listening to the funky sounds on Your Classic And 21st Century Soul Station Solar Radio and playing 'Intermediate, Portuguese' and the like at Windows internet checkers.

Hey, I know how to have a good time.

This starts out all 'Do The Latin Hustle' or Saturday Night Fever's 'Manhattan Skyline' until in come real steel drums and then a properly funky bassline bubbling up behind the disco strings; they say Larry Levan played it at the Paradise Garage and I bet Darcy's got the 12".

It's kinda TGOE Friday on a Tuesday, but I think you can take it.

John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra - 'Trinidad' (1977)


  1. It's a Starsky and Hutch Caribbean special - with loads of Farah flicks and flighty footwork.

  2. Ain't it though.

    And yours for just $80.

  3. Ditto the half term tales.
    Although I'm up the shed with brandy, music and guinea pigs to escape Simon Cowell.

    East coast seaside tomorrow. Hope the weather bucks up. Cant be doing with soggy chips and ALL day in the Amusement Arcades trying to grab a poorly made stuffed Shrek.

  4. Yes. We won a fake Winnie The Pooh once. He was an unfeasibly lurid yellow and rather badly stitched.

    They say another hot spell's comin' baby.

  5. Actually I haven't got this on 12" or on any other format for that matter.

    btw Zen Hussies were fab and Mrs Darce liked 'em too (well she certainly enjoyed watching the crowd shaking their stuff).

    Would you believe it: I had my a pint stolen. I put it down in front of me to indulge in some vigorous applause, 15 secs max. , went to pick it up again and it was gone.
    This is the second time this has happened to me in a few months.
    A word of warning - if you ever watch a band in Bristol keep a tight hold of your drink.

    word veri; borate - close!


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