Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gotta Put Me On

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine : )

Can't get enough of this sort of thing right now.

Hey Anon, there's a lyrical wink to this in the P.M Dawn too.

A Tribe Called Quest - 'Bonita Applebum' (1990)


  1. There's a touch of this about it (a tune fitted around a sample of Billy Cobham's Heather).

    This album is full of similar groovers and shakers

  2. PS: Was you that introduced me to 'Heather' Mond, something for which I shall always be thankful.

  3. Corker isn't it - think I picked up on Heather via Giles Peterson's late night Sunday thing on Jazz FM years ago. I recorded the show to minidisc for my Monday commute, but dozed off and woke up halfway way through Heather. It was like waking into a dream.

  4. Drive carefully tomorrow Drewster.


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