Monday, June 06, 2011


Then came the rain, falling steady and soft - and after so long away that the kittens are staring at it baffled, or bursting in through the catflap, grumpy and damp.

The girls are back at school, the house is quiet - it's just me, this keyboard, Astrud....and the rain, falling steady and soft.

*makes tea*

Astrud Gilberto - 'The Gentle Rain' (1965)


  1. It's dry here today.

    I'm in the Edinburgh office today and have done next to nothing. Have just found out that i will be visiting the big smoke on a monthly basis not at all impressed.

  2. ah the lovely smell of soggy kittens - you lucky boy

  3. London!

    Edinburgh is called Auld Reekie

  4. I didn't know that

    Keep me away from the Festival
    And just give me a warm quarter-gill

    Soggy kittens dry, and glad of a break in the rain...x

  5. Been dry here too. Rained yesterday, cracked the flags the day before. Can't even work out from day to day what yer supposed to wear.

  6. It's a rum situation and no mistake.

  7. I'll leave the rum til Friday

  8. There's an obvious joke there about moist felines, but for once, I'll step aside.
    Changable here. (Like Adam's baggy shorts and canary Hawaiian shirt).
    'Earlier on, a woman phoned the BBC and said that there was a hurricane on it's way. Well, I can assure you' ..... Whooosh. Shed roof blows off.


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