Thursday, June 02, 2011

June Groove

Is the sun back then? I hope the sun's back. Because then I can post this summery thang and we can all groove along nicely, I expect.

And it's Thursday already and where's half term holiday going, eh?

Donald Byrd - 'Think Twice' (1974)


  1. Gorgeous. It's sunny in Victoria right now, although it's the muggy stuff. Then again Victoria seems to sit under a cloud of smog for the most part anyway.

  2. Hey, Simon, it ain't smog, it's clean clouds, LOL! See you in August when there is no break from that hot sun!

  3. Yeah Simon! LOL! ROTFL! OMGA! [(c)Ms Ally], etc.

  4. It's even sunny up here!

  5. Sings ...
    It may be summer outside,
    but in my heart it's mid-January.

    Y'see, have got a slipped disc and sciatica and it's mekking me grumpy.

    Anyway, how come women are allowed to wear strappy tops, tight shorts, and flip flops to work?
    Dunno either, but it's good innit.

    Off to see John Cleese and his silly walks tonight; that should perk me up.

  6. Take it easy Dickie. And flip flops? Gentlemen, just say no.


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