Friday, June 17, 2011

Get The Funky Drummer In Here

Clyde Stubblefield
At 5'35 the most sampled break in musical history.

Don't turn it loose cos it's a Mother


James Brown - 'Funky Drummer' (1969)


  1. was it not Jabo? either ways, its a motherfucker

  2. I'll swap you for this pair of funky nugg's: Bernard Purdie splains the Purdie Shuffle..

    And the explosive Chris Colombo (who used a motorbike seat for a drum stool) with an incredible jazz-off at 5:00

  3. ooooh bin sat in the red lion sheltering from from the storm and this is a warmer upper if ever there was one. it's hard to keep in touch with the classics sometimes with all this new to my ears coming at me all the time so ta ever so sweet boy

  4. Evening Mr H.

    Just back from Birmingham, it's grim in the Midlands!

    Tune, as the youngsters used to say.

  5. Evening Drewster. M6 rainswept and grim I shouldn't wonder. Welcome home/to Friday.

  6. Just got in from the pub and there's a pretty girl doing the grouting in my bathroom.

    She's singing away ..
    'Once upon a time I was falling in love, but now I'm only falling apart'.

    By eck,
    she's a bonny tiler.

  7. DVD, that's terrible.

    Didn't do the M6. Went Fly mayBe and for once they were on time, no need to try and find something to eat for one of there 3 quid vouchers which are not redeemable for music mags in WH Smith.

    Friday telly really is shit, no wonder I drink

  8. Half Man Half Biscuit opened a song last time I saw them with 'Once upon a time I was falling in love, now I'm only shifting a fridge'. Which sums things up

  9. And call the law! That's a butt mover, and my cat is running circles.

    What's gin?

  10. That Louis Jordan clip from Mondo is the dogs. would give your buggle a boner as me da usedsay

  11. "Son, don't try and read all the music; take some and leave some. And when you get in trouble...ROLL!" - Chick Webb to Art Blakey (found in YouTube comments.


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