Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Reel Life (Just Around The Corner)

Have you dropped in on Press Play & Record yet? Its kind hearted, pseudonymous, author has been uploading entire NME mail-order cassettes from the 1980s, with full tracklistings and artwork (see above) throughout October.

I've loved being reunited with, amongst many others, The Mighty Reel, Straight No Chaser, Pocket Jukebox and The Tape With No Name all of which at some point I had, or knew, or tape-to-taped, or cribbed tracks from, but have since lost.

I've been reminded of many lost gems, as well as of the wonderful Peel-like eclecticism the magazine embraced in those distant, glory days.

Pay a visit, you must.


Inspired by hearing again the speedy alt. version of this* that opens The Mighty Reel, I dug out my LP of Imperial Bedroom for the potato-roasting slot on Sunday; hadn't played it in years.

*Vinyl rip, contains crackles.

[Thanks to ally for the original site tip-off]


  1. I'm sure that it was on one of these tapes that the Mary Chain version of Little Red Rooster first appeared, the tape was white if I remember correctly.

  2. This one's white and has a JAMC track on it - not 'Little Red Rooster' though...

  3. They get noticeably less eclectic, much more predictably 'indie', as the 80s advance. The 81-3 period was special. Weekend! Afrobeat! Electronica! Jazz! alt.pop! Stirring.

  4. Tis a good site I agree. I've got several cover mount 7" singles but no cassettes left.

  5. 'No Cassettes Left' - that's our collective blog title, right there.

  6. Thanks for the pointer to Press Play & Record (Ally too!). I still have my old NME cassettes in the box under the stairs(TM) - but no means of playing or transferring them to mp3.

    So I'm really enjoying listening to Ace Case and Pocket Jukebox again after all this time, and it shows there are small joys that make us smile in these shit times.

    Sorry to hear about your folks, been there done that, so thoughts are with you.

    "chillipo" as Word Verification says!

  7. Chillipo 'backatcha' Phil, as I believe the youth say. 'Small joys that make us smile in these shit times' r us.


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