Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful - # 4


An example, today:

I hear a terrific (old) record for the first time on an (old) Desert Island Discs from the archive I'm trawling and search the web to see if I can find it.

Excellent! It's been uploaded by a blogger!
Amazing! It's one of us! (and I missed it at the time!)

Even better! It was three years ago, but the file's still live!


The record - Dory Previn's 'The Lady With The Braid'

The Desert Island Discs - Jarvis Cocker's.

The blogger - Beth at Lonesome Music.

Thank you BBC archive, thank you Jarvis, thank you lovely Beth x

Dory Previn - 'The Lady With The Braid' (1971)


  1. In a last minute bit of xmas shopping I'd just bought my wife Jarvis Cocker's book of lyrics. Walking back to the car I saw the man himself stood outside Sheffield landmark Cole Brothers but I bottled asking him to sign it.

    I had to go through the store to get to my car and I almost walked into him again in the electrical appliances section. Serendipity denied.

  2. Can't believe you didn't do the 'Ha! This is a coincidence, look what I've just bought!' line!

  3. Sheer class. (And I'd expect nowt else from Beth).

    Not sure if I'm labouring the point, but was just listening to Coles Corner as I read this!

    (We've been there before davy with this spooky synchro stuff. Remember that serendipity-doo-da moment we had with the late great Billie Jo Spiers?)

  4. I liked that Davy.

    No serendipity here, alas

  5. Terrific lyrics like some of Scott Walker's or Leonard Cohen's that are super-dense and reward you listen after listen.

  6. one of my dad's favourites is dory

  7. and then scott started singing straight after this one... well i never... listen world you can't ignore me

  8. I'd never heard her and I had to be very careful so's not to write Dory Preview x

  9. Postscript: today I learn, very sadly, that she has died. A tribute here.


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