Friday, January 13, 2012

The Smiling Hour

*tries positive drinking*


  1. Evening Mr H.

    I have a notion for some Cider this evening. L bought me a bottle of this earlier in the week,, on special offer, ten quid off, so may have to have some later.

    I know this will be sacrilegious but I never found Morecombe and Wise that funny. Always thought that it was comedy for old folk.

  2. Cider! Tchh.

    Mrs H and I will be on the blessed Vina Sol tonight (£5.25 promotion) plus a couple of sad supermarket curries, since I've run out of ideas for things to cook.

  3. Sorry bout last night's comment our kid - you know how it is; had had a couple.
    (Most/some of it was in fact true -esp the bit about executions to Mary Hopkin).

    Just got in. Cold here. Am shivering like the heart of a freshly captured canary.

    Chinky, Shiraz, and Guinness for the Van Dykes.

  4. Felt it was one of your best Dickie.

    Chinky Shiraz - liked his early stuff.

  5. Oh yes - all for this. What was the Spike Milligan ditty that had a similar vibe? Was it 'Picture/Photgraph of You'?

    I visted the Spitalfields Adnams shop today - some 'shop only' Aspalls Imperial Black Label Cyder and Innovation beer. It's meant to be for tomorrow - but I can hear the bubbles calling..

  6. a small fighting cock for me.

    since i got my specs every day involvess them waggling or going on sideways. and i always giggle.


  7. Can't drink cider. Just can't.
    Mrs Swiss went Sainsbury's and got 3 bottles of red for 12. 'That should last us' she said.

  8. Spike Milligan - That Photograph of You - how the bloody hell did they all stay so slim in the 70s?

  9. Alright Davy H!

    Listening to jarvis on DID thanks to you and the wonders of the www. what a clever thing it is - and what a website that Desert one is...did you know sue lawley herself chose that Dory P song too...well i never...RTBC!!

    luv to all

  10. Good evening Mr H

    Gin, lemonade and lime for me on this starry night

    Have yourself a lovely weekend


  11. mfs - there are pleasures galore in that DID archive. May I also suggest a trawl through radio4extra via iPlayer where, as I have been tweeting but you will not have noticed, since 'computers are for the middle classes'[[c)M.E.S] they are weekly playing the lost radio re-recordings of 'Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads' from 1975.

    You don't call, you don't fax x

    Mills - go easy on the lemonade x

  12. Mond - Ha! Ed Welch, who is on the joanna with Spike, was a major-minor celeb figure in my childhood, writing themes and being resident musician on Westward, then TSW, TV in Devvo. Pretty sure he wrote this lovely piece for Gus Honeybun (advise you stop VT as Posh Roger comes on with the birthdays at 2:21).

  13. Now The Likey Lads, I did find them funny.

    Is it wrong to find Madonna attractive? L is watching Grahan Norton, just caught a glimpse while on the way for another gin and old Madge is looking rather hot!

  14. drew - its not wrong. all those infavour say ayee

    great tunes this wekk davey though

  15. I'm smiling. Love that video and those ruffled shirts.


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