Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful - # 6

In Stargazing Live Brian Cox explains that there are more than 350 billion galaxies in the visible universe. On Radio 4 Extra they're re-running the radio recordings of 'Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads' from 1975. Since the summer when our dishwasher died Desert Island Disc downloads from a thirty year archive have helped me scrub the pans with brio. Danny Baker has me laughing out loud in the car in a traffic jam on the Upper Richmond Road in the pissing rain, on my own.

Sherlock set Twitter on fire.

And John Peel's in my iTunes (and my head).

My reason to be cheerful # 6 is, gawd bless it, the bloody, bloody beautiful BBC.

Round The Horne - 'Backroom Boys Of The BBC: Personnel'  (1965)


  1. Yes, they maybe dumbing down in some areas but we're bl**dy lucky to have them (especially the radio).

    I have fond memories of
    Round The Horne being on most weeks when I were a lad, I was too young to get the humour but I'm sure Kenneth Williams voices and the silly names made me laugh.

  2. Totally agree - one of the things that scares me is that teh murdoch press and the daily maikl will get their way. I think people who moan about it cant have seen tv in the states, they think it is all the wire and simpsons.

  3. One of the many things I have to thank my mother for, is always having Radio 4 on in the house. I grew up listening to it and have never stopped.

    When I used to go round to my mate Ben's when I was a teenager I would sit in the kitchen with his mother and listen to the Archers with a cup of tea. Wouldn't say I like the Archers but I do find myself sitting listening with a cup of tea after clearing away the debris from dinner to this day.

    Radio 4 is worth the License Fee on it's own.

  4. You're dead right there boy.

    A few more reasons ...
    World Service, Shipping Forecast, Popmaster, Clement & Frenais, Pans People, BBC 4, Magic Roundabout, Blackadder, , Kenneth Wolsenhome, Watch With Mother, Not The Nine O'Clock News, David Attenbrough, Monty Python, iPlayer, John Peel, Play For Today, No ads, Old Grey Whistle Test, Proms, Carol Hersee!, Family Favourites, 6Music, Sports Report, Period Drama, Sportsnight, 275 & 285, Kate Adie, Trooping The Colour type-stuff, Today, Sound Of The 60s, Points Of View!, Bill McLaren, (old) Question of Sport, Dr Who, Tony Hart, er .. Susanna on Breakfast.

    (Have had enough of the Stargazing and Black Holes now though, as getting home on the train is challenging enough for me of an evening!)

    I use brillo on my pans.

  5. Hear, hear. Can I add I thought Sherlock was ace.

  6. These Likely Lads radio broadcasts - are radio retweaks (Dad's Army style)

  7. They are. They were thought 'lost' for years (i.e. like the early TV series, the Beeb wiped them - less wondrous of it).

    Brillo on my pans, very good.

  8. I'm so addicted to your tv shows I just bought a region free dvd player. My Amazon.co.uk wish list has grown huge.

    And yes, Sherlock was great.


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