Friday, January 06, 2012

Robert Dickey (2nd Sept 1939 - 29th Dec 2011)

Until today when I read the news in, of all places, the freebie newspaper on the train, I honestly couldn't have told you who Robert Lee Dickey was.

But I sure knew 'Bobby Purify' - from wonderful records like 'I'm Your Puppet' and this further, splendid Reason To Be Cheerful...

James & Bobby Purify - 'Shake A Tail Feather' (1967)

A stomper for your Friday.

May he RIP.


  1. I thought that he had passed away a couple of years ago. Hell of a voice.

  2. Your London free papers carry better news than ours. We just get stories about broken paving stones and dog shit.

  3. Don't give him any more fuel SA, he goes on about London far too much as it is.

  4. Move him up to Salford, that's what I say.

    Aint no Routemaster romance there. Still horse-drawn trams and rag n bone men. Why dy'a think Morrissey now lives in California, or wherever it is?

    Lots of widgetty draught Guinness left from the New Year. Cheers lads n lasses.

  5. Salford? Media City? All tapas bars and Assistant Producers framma BBC? No fanks. I'll take me chances 'ere, if it's all't a sime a yoo.

  6. *is arrested by Dickens Phonetic Cockerney Police, etc*

  7. Noticed on Last FM you're on a soul tip.

    Here's one for ya

  8. thats a great song by a man who featured in our one night on the tiles of the xmas - a party down to road held in honour of a mate who asked 'but what is northern soul?' at the annual skerries book club xmas night out. surprisingly many of the gang had at least owned the mix that drew featured over on his site. makes folks smile this stuff.

    venison being cooked here at the moment. sorry Dave.

  9. Sorry I'm late but Friday stomper indeed.

    The girls and I love this...Porny Dawny has an amazing rear end..she can stop traffic when she dances to this.

    wv is sweet.

    another sweet post Mr H


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