Friday, January 20, 2012

The Smiling Hour

A smooth little number like this may be all I'm up to ce soir.

I was kindly invited by an old friend to a 'function' last night and am feeling rather delicate today. Also my leg hurts from where I twisted my ankle and knee and fell on the dancefloor, and my pride, from being at one point forcibly ejected from the venue by a very large security man (it was a 'misunderstanding'; he let me back in). I am getting too old for such japery.

Gretchen Parlato is very 'happening' in 'jazz circles' 'Stateside'. I found out about her thanks to NPR Music and their very good list of the best jazz albums of 2011.

I may rouse myself for a Guinness later on.

Gretchen Parlato - 'Skylark' (2005)


  1. Dance floor related injuries are very funny- don't give up Davy. We must all keep dancing

  2. My ankle is especially bulgy.

  3. Being ejected by bouncers at our age as well. What you like? etc

  4. He deployed a number of 'assertiveness techniques' on me, so has obviously been on a training course recently.

    Better than being smacked in the gob by him I suppose.

  5. Tut-tut Davy, at your age.

    You're my new hero.

  6. Silly old fecker.

    And keep your bulge up to help with the swelling.

    2 x Guinness pre packed train (not that the train came in cellophane, it was just busy), then a post lobster thermadore* Boddingtons.

    Not wishing to sound Alan Partridge here, but for the last 30years, every time I've had a pint with a decent head (quiet at the back, this is for your benefit), I've drawn a 'smiley' face in it with my finger.

    This originally acted as a quality control tool; as the longer the face stayed in the froth, the better the pint. Now though it's more of a conditioned reflex. (I also drool like Pavlov's dog, while it's being pulled, but that's beside the point). So anyway, since 1st Jan, I've decided to draw something different in my beer each time. Tonight, I fashioned a rabbit, followed by a Laughing Cavalier.

    The young bewildered Doris behind the bar looked at me as if I was insane.

    I said, "At £3.65 a pop luv", you're lucky I didn't draw in it with my cock".

  7. Oh DVD you do tell a good tale. You'll be telling us next you were bought a pint of guinness by a beautiful woman who drew a heart shape in it!

  8. what the how the you're kidding me with your reputation. what in heaven's did you do? apart from fall over? i'm sure you can still do a move and all but really? what do the children think? i'm shaken right down to my tiny core

  9. ps

    how it should be sung


  10. i did nuffink you aint got nuffink on me coppa

  11. PS: I have now had two Guinnesses and some wine and everything's OK again and the daughters keep giving me hugs, bless.

    PPS: Dickie, you can't draw things in a southern beer, but that's OK if it's a London Pride.

  12. Dickie's comments should be compiled into a book forthwith.

  13. Evening all, just back from Aberdeen, hence no Dance tune, it's a belter as well.

    I am not too sure that I want go for a drink with a reprobate such as yourself this coming Thursday Mr H, I have standards and a reputation to think of.

    Was that them Lobster flavoured crisps Dickie, can't take to them myself.

    I also like to draw something in my pint, a big D, so that there are no silly mistakes over the ownership of said bevvy.

    Sad news about Etta James, came in and put her version of I'd Rather Go Blind on.

    wv - intell, something sadly lacking from here most of the time with the exception of Ally, of course

  14. I'm washing my hair Thursday.

  15. Never heard of Parlato before, but this track is great. Thanks! (Reminds me a bit of Summer Sun from Swedish jazz-poppers Koop that was big in Summer 2002 or 2003, I forget which)

  16. Are you gong to sue The Guardian for plagiarism?


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