Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Country Darkness

I found this review of PJ Harvey's new album 'White Chalk' in the Observer Music Monthly at the weekend really intriguing, and the 'advance tracks' that are bobbing about the internet confirm that this one's going to represent a fair departure for Dorset's Polly Jean.

She's singing in a 'different' voice, has dropped the electric guitar for (mostly) piano and all in all is coming on like a Victorian Gothic Vashti Bunyan. Nice one!

Have to say I love the title track and the single (below) though was less convinced, on first listen at least, by a track called 'Mountain' which I found more than a tad, er, caterwauly.

I deeply admire her for innovating though, and Dark Pastoral is surely the zeitgeist again now we're all snapping up reissues of Anne Briggs albums.

You can pre-order 'White Chalk' here.

PJ Harvey - 'White Chalk' (2007)
PJ Harvey - 'When Under Ether' (2007)

[I'll be leaving these up for just one week officer].


  1. Really lovely tracks both. Thank'ee. Chilling and restrained, full of tension, not unlike Michale Gira's recent work as Angels of Light.

  2. Confess I haven't heard of Angels Of Light/Gira, so had to Google. Ex Swans eh? Must investigate further Campfires, cheers.

  3. Davy, why won't these download for me? It's only been two days, as well :-(.

  4. Try now Steve, should be OK.

  5. Thanks for fixing that, mate,well appreciated. The second track reminds me of something else, either PJ herself or Patti Smith, but I can't put my finger on it (maybe 'Sheela Na Gig'?).

  6. music and moods change.

    and, i think she is pregnant.

    or is that just such a "male thing" to say?


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