Friday, September 07, 2007

Dance Friday... which legendary dance producer remixes r&b diva's MOR ballad (from pen of Diane 'How Do I Live?' Warren no less) into a deep-house anthem that is at turns dark, brooding and sparklingly uplifting.

A mate and I boogied to this once at a Las Vegas nite club (oh, the glamour!) after having imbibed a fair quantity of Mr J.Daniels' excellent bourbon on ice.

We were delighted, and frankly more than a little surprised, when our terpsichoric excellence clearly attracted the attention of two lithesome young ladies, whose dancefloor moves towards, before and around us could only be described as 'provocative'.

It was a whole three rounds of drinks later that we discovered the young ladies, far from having been seduced by our rug-cutting fluidity and ineffable Brit charisma, were in the employ of the establishment and charged with encouraging poor saps like us to spend more bucks on expensive booze at the bar.

'Do the hustle' indeed. *sigh*

They sure could dance though...

Toni Braxton - 'Un-Break My Heart' (Frankie Knuckles Franktidrama club mix) (1996)

[actually quite rare, though apparently being sold here for 77p! I've got it in Spanish too if anyone's interested. No, thought not].


  1. My wife humbly thanks you Davy, for she has been searching for this track for a very long time. Cheers buddy.

  2. Ah yes, TGOE - delivering for bloggers' wives the world over...

    Hey! Your missus wasn't a dancer in Las Vegas circa 1998 was she??

  3. Are you suggesting my wife was a HUSTLER, sir? Pistols at dawn, indeed!!
    Mind you, you are partially right: she was a talented dancer and won some competitions, dancing to THAT New Order track (I will post her picture when I write about it-she's well worth looking at).

  4. As your American fact-checker in residence, I feel compelled to point out that Jack's last name is "Daniel", not "Daniels".

    And thanks for the bittersweet tale of romance gone wrong...

  5. Steve - wayhay!

    Emmett - so sorry, guilty as charged. Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel, I understand. Lovely.


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