Monday, September 10, 2007

Everybody Needs A Shot Of R'n'B

Given that we've gone all Balearic over at Barefoot, what better and more contrasting a way to start the week here at The Ghost than with a serious shot of no holds barred Essex rhythm and blues....

Stone me but these lads were 'tight' (even without Wilko Johnson on guitar).

Dr Feelgood - 'Down At The Doctors' (1978) [from this]

Meanwhile for evidence, should you need it, that the young Paul Weller based his entire early look & moves on Wilko, have a look at this (recorded in 1975!).

[With thanks to Dr. Al]


  1. Yes Davy, I thought you were threatening us with some Feelgood after my 77 post. Great choice I have to say.

  2. Not R&B, but "Waiting for the Weekend" has been posted...cheers!

  3. Curses Steve, you saw through my cunning plan!

    Master Vinyl - you are a gent and I heartily commend your blog to all Ghost readers.

  4. Re the Whistle Test clip, those Franz Ferdinand waifs tread a similar stacatto pie-free path.

  5. I've always loved that Roxette clip - very cool. And while we're talking influences how about an honorable mention for Mick Green.


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