Saturday, September 29, 2007


I have absolutely no bloody idea why I have had this in my head all day today but I don't see why I should suffer alone, so I'm sharing it with you.

I HAVE this, on single, from 1979 - yes! the year of 'Setting Sons' and 'London Calling' and 'Armed Forces' and 'The Specials' and 'Unknown Pleasures' (I have all those too).

I have nothing else by this band. Not even the more famous, bigger hit 'Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime'.

Why should it bubble up from the primordial depths of my consciousness now?

Am I weird? I mean, does anyone else like The Korgis??

The Korgis - 'If I Had You' (1979)


  1. Welcome back. Hope the aged Ps are well. For some strange reason I could never begin to explain I used to confuse The Korgis with Split Enz!!!??? Is this the naffest single you’ve got from 1979? I’ll raise you ‘Boat On The River’ by Styx!!!

  2. i think i've got back just in time....

  3. Mick - I'll see your Styx and raise you 'Spirit Of Radio' by Rush (although 1980).

    As for you Miss Ally, you've got a nerve just walking back in here without a word of explanation, we've been worried SICK! SICK!! I tell you.

  4. Another '79 clunker from the bunker is The Monks 'Nice Legs Shame About Her Face'

    From the album 'Bad Habits' Ouch!

  5. When I saw The Tourists at Reading Rock in 1979 some unkind members of the audience sang that Monks song as Annie left the stage. Not me, I fancied her.

  6. that was a year to conjure with. Gonzalez, 'Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet' (saw them at Horsham Town Hall too), Racey, 'Some Girls' fact, all of Racey. Why were they so defiantly shite?
    The Korgis record that defines a part of my past is 'Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime', it was playing at the disco where I got drunk for the first time. I threw up in the sink in the kitchen at home. And I never learned.

  7. OK - here's the deal. It doesn't matter when in time you turn up, if you've got a great song then you've got a great song. Comparisons don't matter. For me, 1979 was, as you say, the Clash, the Jam and the Specials. It was also the Cure, Joy Division and the Korgis. Great song, great times. Loved it then, love it now, wil always love it.

  8. Good on you there Anon. And you definitely win the My Back Pages Award for comment made longest after post!


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