Friday, September 14, 2007

Dance Friday...Internationalists!

I've just got back from Birmingham (West Midlands, not Alabama). Actually, not Birmingham but somewhere indeterminate east of the M42. I stopped in a Co-Op in a small village to buy a fruit juice and they had a grocery section headed 'International Cuisine' - it had Sharwoods noodles, Uncle Ben's rice and some jars of curry sauce in it. Hey! Let no-one tell you there is no cosmopolitan living to be had in the 'Heart Of England' !

Anyway, look....since I've spent most of the day schlepping up and down the motorway I haven't had time to come up with a load of flannel (er sorry, 'research') about this Friday's Dance Post and I don't have any kind of even semi-amusing anecdote to relate in connection with this track either so I'll just say that a) Joe Smooth was one of the original pioneers of Chicago house music and b) I absolutely bloody well love this and so should you.

And as there have been references to Paul Weller in the two posts prior to this, I will not even mention The Style Council here.

Now then, set the volume control to 'high' and prepare to be uplifted my friends. It's Friday and mine's a large one (fnaar fnaar).

Joe Smooth - 'Promised Land' (original 12" mix) (1988)


  1. I've just been listening to Adonis and "Where's Your Child", so I'm right in the mood for this...

    BTW - those Joni tracks are here.

  2. Blowed if I can make it work though Rob, but thanks hugely and I will keep trying...

  3. I must confess that I've only ever heard the stylees version of this, but I was aware there were 'issues' with it and it is, as ever, a joy to have a chance to listen and remember why. Cheers.

  4. Glad you like Crash. Dark times, those late Style Council times....


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