Thursday, November 01, 2007

'And I Strive For Purity'

You know how it is sometimes, a scratchy day, scratchy times. Minor irritations, major worries; and to boot, its getting dark early. I'm sorry, has this blog been a little blue lately? I dunno.

Tonight I went out driving, just to the supermarket - load up with wine and get the ingredients for a Good Fish Pie, that always cheers me up. And I drove through the most amazing South West London suburban sunset as an Airbus A320 sliced across the sky, kind of low - on its way into Heathrow. A big, pink/golden stretched London sky, and the fumes from the MOT-failing car in front of me spewing up my air con.

Last knockings of summer, 1st of November.

This playing on the in-car CD. *sigh*

Tom Waits - 'Grapefruit Moon' (1973)

Moments like this, you know you're alive.

[That's not my picture. No camera in the car. But the sky was even pinker; you'll have to trust me on that.]


  1. it pissed it down in manchester but blackpool illuminations were wonderful.
    lovely tune - i've never delved into the early stuff, it's the muppet years that got me, but i will now.
    what's this one off of ?
    i can't wait for winter this year cos it'll mean i'll be back in london.
    hope you're okay heartface

  2. This one is off 'Closing Time' his first album and all of it very lovely. 'The Heart Of Saturday Night' is an absolute cracker too. This is a good time of year for TW I find, and reading this at the moment is encouraging me too.

    I'm all the better for hearing from you babe x

  3. I know. I seem sort of obsessed with early Tom Waits at the moment.


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