Friday, November 09, 2007

Two Days To Live

Don't know what it is about this Friday, maybe it's just been a hard day's night; we've done funk 'n' soul 'n' house 'n' reggae 'n' tarty 80s classix but this time only loud moddy-boy guitars'll do...

Button badges on your parkas everyone, we're off down Brighton for a rumble.

The Jam - 'Here Comes The Weekend' (1977)
The Chords - 'Maybe Tomorrow' (1979)
The Who - 'The Kids Are Alright' (1965)
The Libertines - 'Time For Heroes' (2002)


  1. Quintessential quality quartet has me longing for the Lonsdale.

    Here's a 5 pint argument...
    I'd almost forgotten how poor The Jam track was really. S'ppose the time, the lager and the black n white shoes overshadowed the lines.

    Wonder how the Libertines will stand the test of another 25 years?

    The Who set a standard to stand up for - did they not?

    Were the Chords underrated?

    Anybody who gives a fuck on any of these issues, leave a comment before stealing away into the chill of the night.

  2. Oh how I have missed you DVD.

  3. Now this is a little weird, Dave... Having not heard Senor Weller long time, Mr Shuffle has just turned up Start!, Wasteland, In The Crowd and (ahem) Carnaby Street. All in the space of an hour.

    Fortunately I was reading 'The Dog That Dug' during the last of these.


  4. Yikes! I took CD2 from The Jam box set in the car with me to the shops tonight having already posted 'Weekend' here.

    And 'Carnaby Street' came on and I thought 'By Christ, that is an AWFUL song'. True.

    Weird and weirder huh?

    I have no idea what The Dog That Dug is, BTW.

  5. Jon - five hundred bucks they're yours!

  6. My but isn't 'Time For Heroes' a good call in there. Wonderful. For all of the bullshit and media fun and games and, let's face it, heroin, there are some fine, fine songs from y'man Pete as well.

  7. The Dog That Dug by Jonathan Long & Korky Paul. "I'm hungry," said the dog, "those bones are my dinner. If I don't eat then soon, I'll end much thinner." Genius.

    Also, 'The Duck That Had No Luck'

  8. Ah yes. Now you mention it, I am familiar with Mr Korky Paul from his excellent work in the 'Winnie The Witch' series...

    Crash, bless ya.

  9. Were you a Mod or a Rocker, Davy?
    I had a book co-written by Angus Deayton (yes, the sex and drugs ex-host of Have I Got News For You) which was like a spoof history of rock. One relevant part was that he talked about two fictional gangs called the Rods and The Mockers. The Rods dressed like Rod Stewart, and the Mockers took the piss out of them.
    You had to be there, really.

  10. Ring Starr always used to say he was a Mocker when asked that question. Deayton Steals Beatle Joke Shocker!

    If you'd have asked me at the time I would have described myself as A Jam Fan, pure & simple.

  11. I wondered where my old GLC badge had got to.


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