Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Grattis pa fodelsedagen!

That there Frida from ABBA is 62 (!) tomorrow.

Mind you, as her mother was Norwegian and her father German, perhaps I should have posted Happy Birthday in a language other than Swedish - and you'll probably tell me its incorrect anyhow, but hey! that's why I love ya.

Poor old Anni-Frid...never voted Rear Of The Year and forever Not The Blonde One (in fact she has shown a remarkable predeliction for dying her hair a range of unfortunate colours over the years) she was a pop star of some standing in Sweden before ABBA (yes! like the Blonde One!) but despite tirelessly chipping away at it in the 80s and 90s failed to crack that post-group solo career. I blame Phil Collins, for this and many other things, frankly.

I wanted to post a video clip of Frida singing 'I Wonder (Departure)' from The Album to celebrate, but no such footage is to be found on YouTube, unless we include photo-montage thingies posted by borderline psychotic "I HEART FRIDA!!!!" fans, and I really don't think we should.

So here instead is an equally cracking track from the 'Voulez Vous' album. I like to hear this of a Friday night with our in-house disco lights going, personally.

I confess it was all Agnetha, Agnetha, Agnetha for me too as a pre-adolescent tike, but in maturity I am glad to say that I have found much consolation and joy in the arms of brunettes....


  1. Frida was always the one for me, she had a cheeky twinkle about her - the other one always seemed to have a weary 'can't wait to get home' sort of look about her.

    'Look-In' always airbushed it out for the AB's regular cover appearances though.

  2. SINGS: "La-la la-la-la Look Innn"

    You're right of course - Agnetha could not indeed wait to get home, and when she finally did she spent 25 years there refusing to come out again...

  3. It was always Frida for me. I never went for that Nordic Blond look.

  4. Time to revisit "I Know There's Something Going On" methinks. Great track...

  5. absolutely! Did anyone see that film of the now older Agnetha a while back? She looked like a seriously scary mad old lady.

  6. And blast that Phil Collins but he CAN play da drums!!

  7. It was always Frida for me, too. Brunettes (almost) every time for me. However, according to my sources you are a day early. I have a good reason for knowing this ;)

  8. You married her, right?

    You mean it's NOT her birthday tomorrow?

  9. Bollocks!

    Yes it is her birthday tomorrow. I missed the 'T' word in the first sentence. I blame you, aitch. Who on earth posts a birthday message a day early?

    Mamma Mia!

  10. Michael must pay more attention in class.

  11. My eyesight's been getting worse since you posted that Roxy Music sleeve.

  12. A veritable community spirit taking shape here amongst a fine bunch of like-minded folk.

    Perhaps we should all meet down The Dog & Vomit for a sherbert or 2whilst pouring over their 1978 juke box. (Paunches pulled in under the Fred Perrys and hair shorn (or combed over) to avoid bald patch afflictions.

    Oh yes Abba .. I must've pulled myself inside out over the pair of them. (That Bjorn was always such a good looking bastard!)

    Agnetha clearly didn't have to try very hard to gain male admirers, Frida however, always gave the impression that she'd gladly sit astride your Supertrouper, be sincerely grateful and never tell.

  13. i'm a huge fan of seriously scary mad old ladies - i'm heading there sreaming and shouting fast - but she always looked like a right rotter . was it the ugly ones that got off with each other. who was the bloke who wasn't ugly. they were both bloody monsters.
    anyway my sister liked them so i couldn't. same happened with bowie. and the teardrop explodes.
    thankfully these days she likes terry wogan and the daily mail. sorry to go on.


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