Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rave On Zang Tuum Tumb

Another £1 gem from the Romanian Orphans Charidee Shop. Very Saturday night at Fac 51 eh?

Sorted, top - yo a stuodent or wha'?

808 State - 'Pacific 202' (1989)


  1. Will you stop posting so much, you're making me look bad!

  2. I always had you down as a quality over quantity kinda guy though...

  3. Davy. are you having problems with Media Fire? I can't log in or access my account...and I can't download any of your files either...

  4. Yes. And the same thing happened to me last Friday for a while.

    They must have the builders in...

  5. Yeah, well, that wall is gonna have to come down for a start. Can't get to that until next Tuesday though. Any chance of a cuppa, love? Milk and four sugars. Oh, and who put up that staircase? Shocking work. That's gonna need some attention as well...

  6. 'Your husband away a lot then....?'


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