Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fred Perry Knew My Father

Some of you may have formed the unfortunate impression from these pages that I am some crusty old pint-swilling nostalgist, but as I'm sure you will conclude when I share with you my current enthusiasm for this lot, I am actually a hip urban warrior who is 'down' with the 'kids'.

The Enemy - 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns' (2007)
The Enemy - 'You're Not Alone' (2007)

Blame my mate Carlos who listens to a lot of XFM.

[The Enemy's MySpace is here. Buy their stuff!]


  1. By jove - I'm 17 again! Gladdens the soul old lad. Many thanks.

    'We Live and Die in these Towns' - a sort of 'That's Entertainment' meets Vapors 'News At Ten' in a Faith Brothers haze.

    Am off to see 'From The Jam' again next week. Not sure we'll all embrace the 'new stuff' as much as we will each other on the night.

  2. AHA! Not just me that spotted the 'News At Ten' thing then Sir Richard!

    Do people chant 'Brooooooce!!!' at From The Jam concerts?

  3. oooh you modern little sausage. i'll save these for next time my back goes.

  4. You ARE a pint-swilling crusty old nostalgist and I love you for it :-)).


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