Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is Carla Bruni A Lloyd Cole Kind Of Woman?

I think she might be.

Lloyd Cole - 'Woman In A Bar' (2006)
Lloyd Cole - 'Music In A Foreign Language' (2003)
Lloyd Cole - 'Undressed' (1990)

Very excited about this. It's been a long time LC.


  1. Mais oui ..

    She's certainly cause a commotion in my Y Fronts!

    I know ... I know .. I'm going.

  2. we went to the ivy last night for the mrs's birthday treat and the posh waitery type, the ones that take your orderedsand swan aboout a lot but don't bring your dinner, looked the spit of a very young lloyd. unfortunately no one there looked anything like that mucky old tart.

  3. The Ivy! How the other arf lives!

    Birthday kisses for Mrs Ally.

    Bromide for Mr Dick.

  4. Surely 'Perfect Skin' should go with the pic?

    I could be tempted to check out Carla's musical bum, whoops music album
    (copyright - Benny Hill 1973)

  5. Turns out I'm a Carla Bruni kinda guy.

  6. been lucky enough to see Lloyd solo a few times this past few years.

    You will not be disappointed.

  7. Topicality, one of those pictures (oh!) and the Lloyd Cole post all in one. Marvellous.

    Also very excited!

  8. Da reservation has been made.

  9. Definitely Yes.
    the song to mention, with her N.Sarkozy husband she got, would be 'rattlesnakes' !
    Even French need Italian style not to be out of fashion
    your blog is funny, interesting & soclose to life !


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