Monday, March 17, 2008

Still Pretending Life Is Like A Song

A post for Adam, formerly known as Crash Calloway, who has closed down his blog Pretending Life Is Like A Song whilst he deals with Big Stuff in his personal life.

PLILAS was one of the first UK mp3 blogs I ever came across.

By dropping in there regularly from here I guess I showed up on Adam's web stats, and he worked back along the trail to find me and to leave the first comment I ever got. He kindly linked to me, and then others started calling in too. This is how it works, and this is how bit by bit we've ended up with this lovely extended network, with lovely new people joining all the time.

I'm conscious that there's serious 'disappearing up one's own arse' potential in blogging about other bloggers - I can certainly remember thinking when I first had a punt at this that all the cool bloggers were bezzies and that they wouldn't let someone like me play (I was wrong) - so I'll be brief: when it comes down to it, what we are doing here is the oldest thing human beings have ever done; we are reaching out to each other, saying hello and making friends.
It beats all the alternatives I've heard about.

Take care Adam.

Tracey Thorn - 'Goodbye Joe' (1982)


  1. I'll second all of that.


  2. Top post. And Adam/Crash if you're reading this I hope everything works out for you.

  3. Bang on - perfectly pitched and put

  4. Davy - am sure glad you did this.

  5. Well said old bean.....It'll mean a lot to old Crash....

    And I hope you don't mind that I'm going to plagarise over at TVV tomorrow

  6. Best wishes Crash...

    (Is that why all the posts are down at F&H?)

  7. arse - my timing really is dreadful. i was just about to ask the little sausage if a few beers with someone to moan at might be a good thing to properly show that this ain't just some pretend thing but a genuine he seems like a fine chap to sit in a boozer for a few hours thing. that goes for the lot of you. you really are terribly sweet. and mr crash - if you do read any of this do keep in touch.
    and thanks davy for another tearjerker

  8. I'm saying this a lot these days, but it's always true: Amen, Dearest Davy.

    It is sad to see Dearest Crash shutting up e-shop, but I think he's doing it for all the right reasons.


    Dearest Ally, if I ever win millions in the lottery, I'm going to organize a Dearest Bloggers jamboree and fly everyone in. Now if only I could triangulate a meeting point for us international jet-setters. Do you reckon there's a Dog & Duck on St Helena??

  9. LMAO as I believe Da Young Personz sez.

    These are all for you Crash x

  10. does that mean love most awesome obviously ? if it doesn't it should.

  11. Dang it but you're right (again).

  12. Great post, Dave. Keep the URL up, Crash, and come back in ten years' time... Ars longa, vita longer!

  13. what's the kidz think it means - it's driving me barmy?

  14. Laughing My Arse (Ass) Off - was a ref to FiL's 'Dog & Duck on St Helena' quip, which did indeed make me chuckle.

    Actually, thinking about it, chuckling seems a bit more British than Laughing My Arse Off so perhaps I should have said CQTM (Chuckling Quietly To Myself).

  15. Goodness, I wondered where 'crashy' as I cheekily called him had gone. I like what you said. It's hard to break a cherry in the 'ole blog game, once you've been added to one or two blog rolls, you're in. I'll always remember it was let's look sideways to first add me (Mr RE) then was out on blue six to first add me as non-spouse.
    Here's to like-minded folk, shimmying like their sister Kate.

  16. Wise words, Dave: I never thought they would let me play with them either ...

    I'll keep the link to 'PILAS' on my blogroll and try if works again on a random basis: one of these days Crash will be back, that's for sure!

    Hopefully this day will come soon!


  17. And Dirk, you are welcome here.