Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Morning Prayer

Another LP from the Ray's Jazz of old, and an extraordinary piece of music I can only describe as a prayer - to Land, People, Music, God, all four; you decide.

Written in 1970, when Duke was 69, for the New Orleans Suite; Harold Ashby on tenor sax.

You must prepare to have your breath taken away, I swear.

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - 'Thanks For The Beautiful Land On The Delta' (1970)


  1. Thanks for this and yesterday's post. I've always loved jazz and it's clear your tastes are as eclectic as mine. A good pal of mine used to live in Rays and Moles when he came up to town and after we'd meet in the pub and he often had bought 20 or 30 LPs in one hit. I used to be more into the comics as other commentors (is that a word?)and eternally regret never spending much in the Jazz shops before they closed (But Virgin, Tower and the Hanway street and Berwick street 2nd shops drew my cash for the new-wave, pyschedelia and other genres I collect

  2. You're welcome peewit, good to have you here.