Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Music Tuesday - arf!

Well, it's not the kind of headline you expect around here I know, but the truth is this was my prize from Mr Rob for guessing that it was Les Dawson with the bunny girls over at Landcroft House. Thank you kindly, Mr Rob.

The last time I won a prize for anything was at my primary school summer fair when I correctly guessed the position of the buried treasure on the papier mache desert island. I don't remember what the prize was actually, it may have been hard cash, but I do remember that my winning strategy was to stick the pin where no-one else had stuck it, a strategy that has served me well in other contexts and on more than one occasion since.

I haven't actually listened properly to this album yet, but then I don't suppose you were expecting me to 'review' it were you? It's the first day back after the Easter holidays and I am full of yesterday's hot cross buns and beer and my brain is a fug thanks to Ally's pesky quiz, so you'll have to make do, I'm afraid, with this flimsy excuse for a post while I go try my brand new green tea with jasmine.

I know, get me.

Guillemots - 'Falling Out Of Reach' (2008)
Guillemots - 'Cockateels' (2008)
[This lot are quite good actually; buy here]


  1. I think Guillemots are a real treasure. I really believe 'if the world ends' is one of the finest love songs ever. Fact.

  2. I've now pulled 'Get Over It' for 'Falling Out Of Reach' which I like much better.

    I know you're not supposed to fiddle with your posts once they're done, but it's my blog and I will if I want to.

    Lucky Suzy P and Mr Jon and any other earlier visitors get three Guillemot samples. Outrageous! x

  3. I love the Guillemots - they're great live too!

  4. new music..music that's new?
    what a novel idea ?

  5. I know, I amaze myself sometimes, I really do.