Friday, March 28, 2008

Drip Drop

Why do I continue to believe that drinking loads of wine and staying up too late is, despite all the evidence to the contrary, beneficial to my health? I suppose because I like doing both, but I confess to feeling a tad weary this morning, all told. And what is more, it is raining that kind of thick invisible drizzle that sticks to your person and sinks into your bones. Or your boots, if like mine they have a hole in the sole.

Nothing to be done but shove on some sweet Irma Thomas, as Soul Queen Of New Orleans she knows how it feels to be swampy blue.

Davy's Top Tip - I think you'll find 'Two Winters Long' especially magnificent.

Irma Thomas - 'It's Raining' (1962)
Irma Thomas - 'Two Winters Long' (1962)
Irma Thomas - 'Straight From The Heart' (1964)

[from this, which it will improve your life immeasurably to own]

Les Friday night frolics plus tard.


  1. london is a big cloudy mess out there and i desperately need something to calm me down and stop me giggling at my own stupid puns and terrible clues.
    these beauties should do it -thankyou

  2. Syrupy drizzle in't far north too. Just been watching a squirrel with an orange cagoule on.

    Sorry to hear that you have a hole in your shoe that is letting in water.

  3. Raining outside my window, foggy inside my head - I feel your pain Davey. Have I blabbed about Kasteel Cru on here yet? what a winner, but best not followed with some swift snifters of Bushmills. (like me last night).

    You're right 'Two Winters Long' is the kiddie - as if to compound the gloom, I've only got one earphone working so it sounds like she's locked the backing singers in the back room.

    Now where are those Junior Disprins?

  4. Mummy's little soldier! Sadly, I can only find the grown-up ones.

    They're FAST, apparently.

  5. Red wine (and music!) late into the evening becomes my undoing as well.

    While you're most likely well on your way right about now...I still toil....

  6. 6:37pm London time and I just poured my first ; )

  7. ...where's my flask...?!

  8. Yaay! I can listen to your posts again - not really VMs problem it seems, something to do with some sites blocking 92 ip addresses and i've got round it using a proxy.... yawn!

    Irma's wonderful to be sure and I especially like "winters".

    Right, I've had enough of the Old Bob , it's time for a Bushmills methinks.

  9. Yay back! Although I have no idea what you're talking about, except for the Bushmills bit, natch x


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