Monday, July 07, 2008

Birthday Boogaloo

Bunny rabbit shadowpuppets second to none

.Many Happy Returns Richard Starkey MBE, 68 today.

'Time and tide wait for no man - but at least you can move your deckchair further up the shore'

Ringo Starr - 'Photograph' (1973)


  1. Fact of the Day - the McCartney Shuffle is likely to set benchmarks for ideas about big money divorces for some time to come, but the actual case law, the leading case on 'millionaire's defence' which said that people who are so rich they could meet any financial award that might be offered don't have to own up to everything in great detail, that was a case called S-v-S, also known as Starkey -v- Starkey

  2. Happy Birthday Bongo - I can't believe I forgot, I'm usually such a Beatles anorak.

  3. Blimey, he's older than my mum.

  4. You realise how long ago it all really was when you watch the pub scene in this (filmed at The Turk's Head, Twickenham)- the blokes are playing shove ha'penny, and bar skittles as well as the traditional darts, and the 'food' is one of those curled up sarnies Dick Van Dyke mentioned here recently (cost = 'two and nine'). There are, of course, no women to be seen, apart from the stroppy landlady.


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