Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let The Music Have Its Way

This feels like the first weekend in ages we haven't had Things To Do. This is a good thing; for surely a person every now and then needs space - to quaff of the vino, chop the tomatoes, sniff the fresh basil* and cuddle the persons close to him while the groovy music plays...

I've had this in my head all day and you know by now that means I'll have to share it with you...

Dave Edmunds - 'Almost Saturday Night' (1981)

* cooking veg lasagne. Thanks for the music Dr Al and sorry about the BBQ x


  1. Why is it that every time I visit this site I wind up having to nip out for a bite? Out on my deck I've got some fresh basil soaking up the warm Virginia sun, but my wife's plum tomatoes aren't quite there yet. Until they ripen I suppose I'll have to settle for the golden raspberries growing behind the garage.

  2. My uncle Barry used to play guitar with him in the Cardiff clubs, so I've always had a soft spot and he's always somewhere in my Ipod.

  3. C&B, clearly every time you visit this site you have to nip out for for food because I'm always going on about food. Or Drink. You should see me, I'm wasting away. Homegrown plum tomatoes ripening in the warm Virginia sun? *sigh* Take me there, take me there...

    Great Welshmen in rock!!! RE's Uncle Barry, respect is due.

  4. Jeezo... you haven't featured any Bobby Wratten related material on your blog in AGES my good ghost, though I note The Blue Nile and Moz on your Last.FM playing. Five points on that. But, yes, I demand some booze. And some music to cry along to. Please. If you don't mind. You know. No pressure though... (wanders off into doom-filled sunset)

  5. Colin, do I have any sad stuff you do not already own??

    Five points out of....? x


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