Friday, July 25, 2008

Posting Percy

 Yes, my six week search is at an end, and did this track get emailed from Arkansas, downloaded from DivShare or lifted from Lime Wire? Friends, it did not. Ally bought it in a record shop and posted it to me to rip.

Does Feargal Sharkey approve of this sort of thing? Will Mortlake Sorting Office soon be writing me a stern letter to warn me about 'single sharing'?

This is a Dusty Seven; expect crackles and heartache.

Thank you Mistress Ally and bona, bona lavs x

Percy Sledge - 'Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)' (1969)


  1. Ok,it's yet another sabre being rattled in the face of UK consumers. Ban Bit Torrent, Limewire, Div Share, Media Fire, Pirate Bay, Soulseek, and yes, all our blogs too, and make damn sure that people like myself, who can't get access any other way to 99% of this stuff because we have the impudence to live abroad, have a great time listening to Korean pop music (jeez). Just make sure you make a distinction between people who deliberately scheme to pick the chock-full pockets of the record industry in order to bring about their downfall, and those like us, who just want to extend our love of music and allow others the privilege of seeing what they're getting before they spend the exorbitant prices currently being demanded.
    But that's too difficult to do, isn't it, Mr. Sharkey? So shut the fuck up and stop trying to piss on our fireworks.
    More power to your elbow, Davy: I can see this comments box is going to run and run.

  2. See this very post is a perfect example of why blogs do a huge service to music fans. Where else is anybody going to hear this song? I looked all over for you myself. Every time I ventured near anywhere that sold music I checked the racks to see if this was around.

    Also kind of ironic that it takes dusty old vinyl to provide it for you.

    Nice one Ally!

  3. pleasure darlings.
    and remember home taping illegal downloads of singles you shouldn't lend anybody is killing music. i wonder what counts as illegal sharing. if it means i get to keep all the biscuits just for me i'm all for it. well alright you can have the broken ones..
    are we still allowed to play people records when they come round or what?

  4. Probably not, because then they have the song in their head: the ultimate illegal download!

  5. Gorgeous - have you heard Elvis's version? You can get it on this album which feature some of his finest, but little known work including a Gamble and Huff number

    Apologies if I've blabbed about it before.

  6. Elvis' version of Any Day Now is my favourite version too. I was six days old the day that was recorded!!

  7. I've just uploaded the Elvis version - here if you fancy grabbing it.

  8. You are all seriously illegal even by being here, especially Planet Mondo, and I have written to Feargal about all of youz.

  9. You Little Thief.

    May you be tarred and feathered and sent back to Slightly Chafing for a good spanking and a stiff talking to.

  10. ( it plays...) I'm wondering which is preferable...the hunting for or the having?

    Either way, gorgeous.

  11. I was trying to think of a Feargal related pun and I totally forgot about You Little Thief. Well done DVD

  12. Great version although my favourite is by Chuck Jackson. Which I managed to pick up at a northern soul weekender a few years ago. In reply to Jon, the hunting was fun but actually putting the plastic on the turntable was such a sweet feeling.
    As for the filesharing malarky I blame Bonzo, the cunt from U2, although I blame him for anything I can't blame Thatcher for. If i had any U2 I would post it all just to get at the greedy bastards. I don't agree with the downloading of entire albums but I know that I have bought at least half a dozen cds on the strength of the tracks that have been posted on people's blogs.
    Keep up the good work, all of you bloggers out there, the internet would be a dreary place without you.

  13. Nice to know Feargal still strongly adhers to the punk ethos, and that he hasn't sold out to the man or anything.


  14. While I am no fan of the song (Hang Me High and let the crows peck out mt eyes)....I am so chuffed that you got your hands on this at long last.

    Ally really is the sweetest girl in all the world.

  15. The only people who have ever told me to take down a link to a posted song are The Undertones. Fact.

  16. Hey, at least you get to watch the YouTube clips, that site is banned in Turkey (this is especially annoying when I try to incorporate YouTube clips on the blog and can't check to see if they've worked).


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