Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Reggae # 6

Well, it's been a while.

I might bring back the prawn curry with coconut milk tonight too.

Hey. I know how to live.

The Melodians - 'Sweet Sensation' (1970)


  1. there was me pooping round to make sure you were at least a bit tiddly by now and recovering and all and i find this lovely - ta ever so - i'm too shagged to go to the southbank in the rain so i'm just playing my own records at waving to it from the balcony

  2. You're a disgrace, I was sure you'd be there. Mind you, it is PISSING IT down and I have just had to ask my daughters to come in from the garden where they were wearing their towelling dressing gowns over their clothes and filling drinking cups with rain water.

  3. Thanks for pooping round all the same x

  4. I'll have a good listen to this later. I loved the Melodians post you did a while ago with their cover of that Boney M song :)

  5. So many great covers of Boney M songs around - Neil Young does a great version of 'Heart Of Gold' off of the 'Nightflight To Venus' LP for instance...

  6. I didn't know Heart Of Gold was on Nightflight To Venus. I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed...

    But seriously, I loved the Melodians Rivers Of Babylon. I finally 'got' the song when I heard their version.

  7. Mine was a Chicken Korai with Pilau and Sag Bhaji (takeaway) tonight. Wifey claimed she wasn't hungry but seemed to do quite well helping me eat it. Very nice it was too. Strangely accompanied by only 1 pint (Brains SA gold) tonight - I normally do much better than that on a Friday- and most other nights too come to that.

    Now this cover is getting me all worked up, perhaps I better have another pint to calm down. Too late for that maybe, I'll settle for a port perhaps.

  8. I used to bung this into the middle of a noisy compilation for a quick 'well who'dve thought it' moment about how well it goes with EVERYTHING!!!


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