Thursday, July 03, 2008

It Should Be On Eight Track Cartridge

In the easy listening bureau de change one Glen Campbell is worth at least ten Bobby Goldsboros.

The kind of record that would make my Auntie Haulwen in South Wales come over all unnecessary, and understandably so.

He was once in the Beach Boys you know.

Words and music by the great Jimmy Webb.

Glen Campbell - 'Honey Come Back' (1970)


  1. i think me and your auntie have got a lot in common. it's the talkie bit that does it. i'm going for a sit down

  2. Easy Listening Top Trumps *snaps fingers* now there's an idea. I'm going giddy with the thought of it. Neil Diamond's worth more than Neil Sedaka - yes. But what's Helen Reddy's worth against Bobby Gentry .And what to do with Rita Coolidge?

    Or Perhaps Monopoly re-branded as 'Easy Street'
    *faints from sudden rush of blood*

  3. Glen Campbell singing Jimmy Webb is always great. I like the idea of Easy Listening Top Trumps. Does John Denver count? Me and Mrs Mick like him.

  4. Count me in for The Easy Listening Top Trumps Competition. Clearly Bobby Goldsboro is going to win on cheesiness but lose on cool.

    Would Harry Chapin or Dean Friedman be in the pack?

  5. John Denver scores high on 'wholesome' but low on 'cool'; Dean Friedman may win 'cheesy', Harry Chapin 'obscure'. Does an Andy Williams beat a Matt Monro all round? Will your Vic Damone outscore a Frank Ifield? And shurely nothing trumps a Sinatra?

  6. I think Dean Friedman is a bit too 'knowing'. Harry Chapin is great but not MOR (one of my aged brothers faves). I'm going to make myself unpopular here but Sinatra is No 1 in my 'Just Don't Get It' list.

    I've discussed it with Mrs Mick and our top 3 MOR Top Trumps were Neil Diamond, The Carpenters and Barbara Streisand. (I wanted David Gates/Bread but I was overuled)

  7. The Carpenters would have to be heavy hitters (definitive Burt Bach' tune and all that), as would Herb (King of the charity rack) Alpert - Dean Friedman would be the sort of pesky card you could never unload..

  8. See, I was right. You're not talking to me now and I'm all on me Jack Jones!

    Good call on the Herb Alpert by the way Mondo. My local charity shop had a rack of Esther & Abi Ofarim LPs a few weeks back...

  9. Who says I'm not talking to you? Blimey Gloria.

    Esther & Abi Ofarim made LPs plural? Sheesh.

  10. Sorry. Just a cheap excuse to9 use the Jack Jones pun.

    And yes, it was a surprisingly large quantity of Esther & Abi albums. According to BrotheRay over at my place Esther's solo stuff is fantastic.


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