Friday, August 22, 2008

Calling All Cars

Curses! I've been uptown today trying to look important so sadly haven't had time to upload anything from K-Tel Soul Motion - 20 Original Hits, 20 Original Stars ("As Advertised On TV & Radio") despite Kippers inspiring me this week with his talk of Rock And Roller Disco and Radio Active Hits and the like.

But here is one 'choice cut' from that compo I have previously MP3pld I hope will serve as a petit amuse-bouche whilst you get yourself outside of a few Friday-of-Bank-Holiday-weekend* cocktails. I was reminded of it today whilst rummaging in the soul section of HMV Oxford Street with a birthday 'gift card' from the mother-in-law burning a hole in my pocket (I bought this).

I don't know anything about First Choice, but this song always gets the missus making good 70s disco moves, so is surely worth posting on that basis alone.

Hmmm. Must get her to work on the 'flicks' and pop a pair of these on again....

First Choice - 'Armed And Extremely Dangerous' (1973)

*UK readers only


  1. They're like an 'own brand' Three Degrees aren't they- I don't know if I know this tune or not - it's a sizzler though

    Have you seen this a cracker barrel of K-Tel comps, but doesn't include a couple I'm after Soul City and Goofy Greats though.

    Do you remember that crazy comp's fad of buy Pt 1 and get Pt 2 free in the early 80s?

    Funnily enough I was up west today, and just round the corner in Foyles.

  2. Top tuneage, guv! Can't wait to hear more from that comp. Gawd bless K-Tel, and all who played on 'em!

  3. > Do you remember that crazy comp's fad of buy Pt 1 and get Pt 2 ree in the early 80s?

    I do. In fac, I just picked up Chart Hits '81 Vols 1 & 2 from a charity shop this very week. (yes I'm 27 years late, but my 50p a week pocket money would never have stretched to it back then, so I'm making up for lost time here.)

  4. Amen to that, yessir. The missus has that 60s one Mondo. Get anything nice in Foyles?

  5. Radio Vet emails...

    "Davey Boy... Really happy 4 ya w/your acquisition of Percy again. Thanks for posting the First Choice... The attached should complete the set. The follow up to "Armed & Extremely" - I hope ya enjoy it. Mike"

    And it's a smoker....

    First Choice - 'The Player' (1974)

    Thanks Mike!

  6. Just the Alex James biog' (£2 off at Foyles) and 'Collins Gem Book Of Insects' for the kids - Soho Books, just up the road from Foyles is the kiddie for oddities and bargains though - had some real winners from there.

  7. The Collins Gem Book Of Insects!! C'mon!! It does not get better than that!!!

  8. Oh, that's such a great tune. I had it sequenced on a 70s soul mix CD after the Honey Cone's "Want Ads", which went really well together. "Smarty Pants" is another tune, though it took me a while to warm to it. And "Let No Man Put Asunder" from their disco period.

    Good point by planet mondo with the Three Degrees reference -- both acts were Philly soul representatives, and were a female trio.

  9. Now it must be 30+ years since I even thought of that song.....and I remembere every word of that chorus.

    Shows how much I listened to the radio even as a nipper....

  10. I sort of thought of First Class as throwaway soul at the time, but as the years have passed their records sound better and better. Was happy to pick this single up for less than a £1 in a charity shop recently. (Anything under a £1 is good going in charity shops nowadays it seems - who do they think they are?).

    (I've been enjoying Minnie - glad Gloria complemented your holiday).

  11. cor blimey guv'nor what a blinder and me having a tiny little front room weekender as we speak - if i had a whistle i'd be blowing it. actually no i wouldn't they're bloody irritating i'd be telling me to stop blowing that bloody whistle. i'd definitely be throwing my hands in the air though.

    oooooh and well shopped - is pushing a good thing too far on it ? if it's not it should be

  12. 'A tiny little front room weekender' ? - I hope you invited the Sylvanians because I understand they like a bit of that.

    I bought that K-Tel a long time's all Billy Paul, Barry White, TSOP, Linda Lewis. Hey! Like that's a bad thing!


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