Friday, August 01, 2008

Down Deep Inside

Lovely, lovely nostalgia pieces and some gorgeous music over at Mondo's this week have set me off despite myself on memories of the summer of 77, 'glam girls with Farah flicks' and all.

I'm sure a person's Ideal Lust Object Type is firmly rooted in whoever s/he fancied from afar at the time of their First Sexual Awakening and given that Mr P.Uberty arrived chez Master H at this time I'm afraid it's the Barbara (Catherine!) Bach, Jaclyn Smith, 1978 Playgirl Of The Month sort of woman that still generates the strongest frisson hereabouts.

Heck, just five words'll do it....

Jacqueline. Bisset. In. The. Deep.

It's even my Best Ever Bad Film - Robert Shaw trowelling on his Salty Old Sea Dog schtick, some codswallopy plot about drug smuggling and buried treasure, lovely locations and underwater photography and That White T Shirt to gawk at and a John Barry soundtrack with Donna Summer disco tune to boot.

You can keep your bloody Ingmar Bergman.

A while back someone posted the whole of the opening sequence on YouTube but the lawyers must have been circling like so many hungry tiger sharks because it's gone now, so we'll have to make do with this instead.

At least it's the deliciously languid six minute long versh.

Donna Summer - 'Down Deep Inside (Theme From The Deep)' (1977)


  1. Mrs Mick wants to know why I've just decided to take a cold shower.

  2. Was it perhaps because it is...[affects Vincent Price voice] very quiet tonight?

  3. What an utterly gorgeous picture of the utterly gorgeous Jacqueline Bisset you chose. I don't think Mrs Major Dude would allow me to set it as my wallpaper, alas.

  4. Hello i 'm half a bottle of red in (plus a couple of scoops and a vindyloo) There is no better, no better - decade for doe eyed dollies than the seventies. Here's my TV scrapbook of lookers andlovelies - in as it comes order

    Annie Aston, Benny Hills Girls, Jenny Lee Wright, Pans People, her from Partridge Family, Susan Stranks, Sally James, the two from Man About The House, Tessa Wyatt,Elizabeth Sladen TOTP album covers, Pepper Anderson, 'Custom Car' magazine girls, Valerie Leon,Jamie Sommers, Susan somethingorother from a horse programme on BBC1 kids things. Pamela Stephenson

    Don't even start me on cinematic glam - I was lucky enough to see that 'Deep' scene at the flicks - but with Mm and Dd, so was torn between not knowing where to look, and knowing exactly where to look

    And yes Farah was ok, you're right Smithy had the magic and crackle

    PS - where do you get those great pisc

  5. Ahhh... so many memories dredged up by this post. Ms. Bisset is SO gorgeous, and THAT wet t-shirt really made an impression on my young developing mind. I always loved the movie and the soundtrack. I was just talking to a co-worker a week or two ago about the Donna theme song and "poof!" like magic here you are with a lovely mp3. Thanks...

  6. Well, this is for michael (whose blog I've discovered now, and like a lot) then:

  7. Lyndsey Wagner as The Bionic Woman did it for me..

    Oh and the Hot Gossip dancers from the Kenny Everett Television Show.

  8. @any major dude with half a heart

    Yowsah! Thanks for those pics - lovely Sunday morning viewing.

    And thanks for the kind words re: the blog. We should do a link swap...

  9. Am I allowed the opposite perspective?

    Bryan Ferry


  10. Ooh, you're a classy bird Miss P.


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