Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun Under The Covers

This week I've been very much enjoying a couple of old Peel Shows posted at the marvellous Perfumed Garden, which is back after a break so long I thought it had gone forever (hello and thanks to proprietor Kris).

I've listened on headphones late at night with the iPod under the bedcovers, sort of replicating the way I listened Back Then - in the dark on the clock radio in my teenage bedroom - and quite splendid has the experience been, for the shows are just as I remembered from that time (1980-83); as rich in reggae and lost soul and rock and roll and Ivor Cutler as they were in clanging art-punk or pub-pop or emerging 'indie', and Peel as warm and as funny and as relaxed as the music was thrilling. How often do you listen to the radio these days and quite literally not know what to expect at all next? DAMN I miss that.

Anyway, since the nice people at emusic recently made me an offer I couldn't refuse and successfully bribed me back with 75 free downloads in addition to their statutory 30 per month for a mere £10.99 and since I still even have a few quid left on the birthday vouchers after buying this and this, (why are The Flatmates not more widely lauded??) I am hoping to make a few happy forays into musically eclectic waters myself in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile this is a tip-top JP tribute which you must have...x

Jason Forrest with Laura Cantrell - 'Nightclothes And Headphones' (2005)


  1. you own the rights to this song, you naughty man? Remove it instantly, you thief in the night.
    Regards, the Ever So Polite Web Sherrif.

  2. Props, my man. 'Twas just my sarky comment on recent events.

  3. they're such a lovely 'this is what the t'internets for' thing whole lost glorious programmes like these that i've been lapping up and getting tearful over in places that it would be impossible to explain to anyone why quite a lot recently. i hate that i cut peels ramblings out of most of my tapes and recorded such meagre lumps at the time. thank heavens for the wise souls who kept their fingers off the pause button

  4. Amen. Listening to them makes me so, so happy...I hope the marvellous Kris can find some more 80-83 period ones especially...


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