Monday, August 04, 2008

Lost In An Angry Land?

I've been playing this a lot over the last few days, and I really don't know why, but I reckon 1) there is an entire world in this song 2) it is one of the best pop records ever made.

The Crystals - 'Uptown' (1962)


  1. Have to agree it is an absolutely brilliant pop song. I had a period earlier this year when I played the Ronettes - (The Best Part of) Breakin' Up for about a fortnight, the "c'mon baby" after 2.26 got me every time.

  2. Funnily enough I've a tune by The Crystals lined up called "Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby?" which is absolutely amazing. If you've not got it already keep an eye on my pages. It is so so good.

  3. it's cos it's bloomin fantabulosa darling - heartbreaking triumphant rebel music. springsteen eat your heart out.
    the lack of glory heaped on the girl groups of around this bit is a goddam disgrace really it is. the crystals shangri las ronettes collected works put pretty much everyone else to shame and rip your heart out while they're at it

  4. And I really can't top that assessment. Except to say I tried Drew's 2.26 and he's damn right too.
    More Crystals at Simon's!

  5. Yup some more Crystals at mine. Not as good as Davy's though. Almost but not quite!!

  6. Couldn't agree more. Playful and poised, rebellious and reflective, frivelous yet forceful.

    They've always done it for me - the girl bands mentioned by ally. Such expressive strength at a time when we were led to believe that obedient women followed the piper's tune.

    I'm off to Simon's place. Come on over.

  7. Magic! I'd not heard that before. Cheers for posting, Mr H.

  8. Kippers petal, you must get this!!!


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