Friday, July 02, 2010

(East) London Calling

I went along to the London Calling Exhibition in Bethnal Green today - a funky riffola around the paintings, design work and cartoons of the late Ray Lowry, especially his work as 'War Artist' and companero to The Clash and even more especially that album cover, on which there were many, variously, funny, affectionate, baffling and inspired takes by contemporary artists, famous fans, band associates and, even, band members (Messrs Jones and Simonon). Paul Simonon's tribute thrillingly included a tiny fragment of the actual bass guitar he is doing such violence to in the iconographic Pennie Smith image. Oo, and indeed, er.

It was all rather splendid, as was my amble afterwards down a sunny Brick Lane, and sorry for the late notice and all but the thing closes on Sunday, so if you can you must boogie on down there pronto.

Quiff it up!

Vince Taylor & The Playboys - 'Brand New Cadillac' (1958)


  1. Chin chin, be-quiffed boys and girls.

    Set for a snifter. Sun dappled shed and New Clear Days by The Vapors.
    Over rated Brazil don't like it up em.
    Oranje Boom!
    Murray hurried by underpant tweaking monkey boy.
    Pizza and Pink wine. (It's not always Fish n chips n beer in Yorkshire tha nos).

    Have a spanking weekend.
    Lashings of love,
    Dickie x

  2. Just heading for the pink wine myself Dickie. The revolution'll have to wait. Chin chin.

  3. I do love a sunny day in Brick Lane - you'll find the best pizza's ever in the place opposite Rough Trade . Watch out for this expo coming later in the year.

    I'm on the Morreti beer, Asahi beer later then Martini prob'.

  4. Becks tonight to accompany rockabilly I think.

  5. Salute Mond. I had a very nice veggie burger with cheese, plus salad and potato wedges in the one next door, in fact. Then a mooch in Rough Trade; though on this occasion, no purchase. Must say, I like the one in Notting Hill with the second hand vinyl downstairs.

    But still; I saw a shard of Simonon's smashed bass today!

    Rock on S.A, and CHEOZ.

  6. Ah I miss the old town for going out purposes (and dolphins).

    A walk through Bath isn't quite the same.

  7. curses missed it! could have nipped across on the new train

  8. Ah yes! To the very large, very concretey, new station.

    Word verif = 'probbabl'


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