Monday, September 06, 2010


Punching car radio buttons in despair as we hit the last few miles of our mega-trek home from hols last Sunday it was a surprise and delight to happen upon a Bank Holiday Northern Soul Special on, of all things, the usually unlistenable Smooth FM.

I was reminded of just how brilliant this is; it's our heartstarter for the week.

Roy Hamilton - 'Crackin' Up Over You' (1966)


  1. First Northern I ever bought. Skill.

  2. Didn't Smoove used to be Jazz? Loved that station especially the Bill Oddie Sunday Morning sesh (one of the few radio shows I've actually taped for repeat listening)..

    BTW the track reminds me of Edwyn Collins due soon tune (grab for free here - well the instrumental versh)

  3. Smart! Weirdly I was listening to this yesterday on that Golden Torch compilation cd.

  4. why do i never know these huh? these northern hits? what have i been doing....

    and that was very brave of you going near smooooooth. i swore off jazz fm when they sacked little gilles peterson for playing peace piece by bill evans just after lots of horrid bombing.

  5. It was one of those 'Maybe there's something on the radio' sketches, where you mostly trawl through endless Will Young and Robbie Williams, your life-force slowly sapping from you.


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