Friday, September 10, 2010

Yeah Baby

Summer's bitten the big one and it's dull as all heckfire out there; I'm stone cold broke into the bargain and there ain't no payday coming soon.

But Friday is Friday companeros - and like the lady once said, this here's funkier'n a mosquito's tweeter.


Gene Harris & The Three Sounds - 'Your Love Is Just Too Much' (1971)


  1. You've popped some winners into play this year Davy - but that could be the toppermost of 2010. Love the flighty fingerwork. Lend an ear to this Rusky nugget sadly unavailable on any format I believe

  2. 'Soviet jazz-funk' - what is he LIKE!


  3. How about CCCP disco or Moldova funk?

    I must upload one of me Brazilian Post Punk tunes (title:Panico) at some point..

  4. Suspect Merton Mick may have heard that tune. Of course the Council were never ever that funky...(some might say they were never funky...!)

    Grand stuff for a Friday!

    Just had to shell out a few hundred on car repairs this week. So skint is the word. Unlike in 1978 when it was Grease.

  5. You're back on those Gibb bros again!

    Sorry to hear that; I hate cars, me. I don't want to own one, but Mrs H says we have to.

  6. Been in Aberdeen, just got in, really long feckin' drive. L away out with the girls. M away to school disco just me and the tasmanian devil. Still the Fall are on BBC 4 at 9:25 tonight.

    Have a good weekend comrades

  7. Cool.

    You've been busy lately.

    Friends are late.

    Word veri: dismand - could describe the weather.

  8. I found his Put On Train on a Blue Note Comp ages ago, never really thought to delve any deeper - is it all like this? And what a sleeve!

  9. Soviet jazz funk is a new one on me. Might have to go searching once 2 swiss kids are in bed and before the Fall are on. Does Soviet jazz funk even exist? What new genres are there left to discover?

  10. I am reliably informed that Montenegran grime is the next big thing Ad.

    Still, it's been a bit dismand annit? Spare a thought for poor ol'Darce - e's upworiut, and without a paddle.

    (You know Pickering, I think we may be onto something).

  11. Number 2 son is down, result. Just hope number 1 isn't that full of e numbers when he returns so I can watch the Fall in peace, which I must have watched a dozen times anyway but will record again just in case.

    What genre do you think that The Red Hot Chilli Pipers belong in?

    Apart from shite of course

  12. Just watched that with the eldest & both enjoyed it immensely.


  13. (Yes, I know it was Purple, but that didnae work so well).

  14. I'm deeply into Somerset gabba. And Chilean handbag house fusion.

  15. Bleedin Londoners, always one step ahead. Second child just gone to bed- I'll have the house red please.

  16. Check out acidted, he's got a dubstep makeover of bloody Foreigner on the go. The world is going to shit.

  17. Dewy cobwebs cling to an empty vessel.
    The lamplight casts a shadow across the cellophane street.
    An unsuspecting snail crunches neath a leathered sole. 'Oops'.
    A jaded sunflower bows as I reach the darkened door.

    'Darling, ... I'm ... hic... home'.

  18. Or ...


  19. Sunlight on the lino - woke me with a shake.

    Morning kiddo.

    Yeah. Ok mate. Although I've a tongue like the old crusty doormat I laid my head on.


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