Monday, September 20, 2010

New Music Monday

They're fine young fellows from Oxfordshire! They sing songs about conkers shining on the ground! One of them plays the trumpet! Hurrah!

Song was here*

More here.

*I've had a copyright infringement notice on this one via Box Net, and a revert to draft via Blogger too, so the file's removed (5th Oct). Sorry folks.


  1. Not even the tumbleweed stuck around then? That's pretty good isn't it? Reminds me a little of Mumford And Sons (who are also pretty good). But also, its very Go Discs isn't? Housemartins and Trashcan Sinatras and Proclaimers. Very 1986 in sound, there were a lot of Indie type things that weren't C86 style at the time with brass or accordians and stuff like that. I think ill go and investigate some more....

  2. I genuinely admire anyone who can put 'conkers' in the first line of a song. Yes, it does connect back a bit to old indie...maybe even to about 1982 and the Pale Fountains, with a sprinkling of very now new-folk-pop, of course.

    Ah, you know tumbleweed; it never stays in one place for long.

  3. new? what? how? when? (now obviously ....) i'm terrified but intrigued

  4. It is not very terrifying Al - they're from Cowley x

  5. I hadn't - and it most certainly is! x

  6. the whole whole lp is great (although conkers on feature in the track you posted)

  7. Firstly let me apologise for being 'off the grid' for a mighty long time, dear boy. As you know, this happens from time to time...

    Saw this lot when MLW managed to purloin tickets for Later With Jools - nearly a year ago now. (Taken them a while to commit to vinyl has it not?). Anyway, they were the newbies on a set that (surprisingly for Jools) featured a bevvie of stars - Sting, Norah Jones, The Foo Fighters and Jay-Z. Have to say they struggled to be heard above that lot but twinkled nonetheless, especially the trumpet player who, for their set, happened to be a rather lovely young brunette... Moving on; the other song they offered that night was Fuel Up which starts in a similarly evocative manner:

    "Curled up in the back of the car
    Nine years old you don't know where you are
    And your head's on the window, your eyes are just closed
    There's a voice in the front and a hush on the road..."

    Might have to give more of a listen to the rest of the album. Nothing stood out quite as much as these two but then, often one has to persevere, don't you think?

    Carry on.

  8. Who knew?

    Follow Greer's link CF, 'Fuel Up' is 'in session'. As we used to say x

  9. Like our Friend of Rachel Worth (who got me into them) I think the whole album is wonderful but I like Fuel Up especially

    There's no rewind so you might as well play while your time is rolling away
    And get back on the road it's a beautiful day
    Pick up all the friends you can find on your way
    And if you lose direction they'll be there guiding you on...


    I should get to sleep x.


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